Scooby and the Pizza Box


After two days of the pizza box being on the dining room table, I asked one of the boys to take it out with the recycling. Not surprisingly, it ended up on the table out on the deck. As you can see, Scooby didn’t mind. He just moved his morning nap out to the deck.


Since my neighborhood is currently so noisy that I rarely go outside (this morning it’s jack hammers and a backhoe), I just left the box there for Scooby to enjoy. And he did, although at times he would shift around and then look at me, like it was my fault his bed wasn’t as comfortable as it should be.


Once another pizza box joined the first one (we have pizza every Friday night), I had to put my foot down and insist they make it out to the recycling bin and poor Scooby was forced to resume his old morning routine of digging all the papers off the shelf in the living room to make a bed.

“Yeah, I made a mess. What are you going to do about it?”



12 thoughts on “Scooby and the Pizza Box

  1. LOL. Scooby is obviously a big fan of paper products 🙂 He is very beautiful. It’s also very reassuring to know that mine is not the only household with pizza boxes that like to linger around.

    1. Scooby does love his paper products! He’ll make a bed out of about anything but he seems to like paper the best.

      The pizza boxes tend to linger around here too. It drives me crazy but I refuse to be the only one that takes out recyclables! 🙂

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