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Blob-Related Worries


Lately, I’ve found myself preoccupied with worry about the Blob. Not the Blob of the old horror movies, that somehow propelled itself around eating and dissolving everything in its path, but the unexplained, freakishly warm mass of water out in the Pacific. It’s thought to be responsible for starving sea lion pups, dead birds washing ashore on the Oregon Coast, a massive toxic algae bloom, pelicans that won’t mate, and dying salmon and is probably related to the hellishly hot, dry, seemingly endless summer we’re having here in the Pacific Northwest. Which makes me really, really hate it. Death to the Blob!

Even though I know reading about drought and hotter than normal conditions is making me feel anxious and depressed, I can’t seem to stop. Today I compulsively read more articles on the Blob, including one about the havoc the Blob is wreaking in the Puget Sound. While the drought and the Blob haven’t dried up the Puget Sound like in the photo above (I created that with an app called Reflect), they have created a too-hot, oxygen-deprived, disease-ridden environment for salmon and other cold water-loving fish.

So now, in addition to worrying that the Blob is going to turn into an El Niño that never goes away (I’ve always hated El Nino), I’m worried about those poor fish. I want to go catch them all and bring them home to…put in Smarty’s pool?


Yeah, that’s probably not going to work.

Whether the Blob and the possible upcoming “Super El Niño” are part of a natural cycle or the beginning of the greenhouse gas apocalypse, one thing is for sure: all cold-loving creatures are going to suffer because of them. Including me. One of my biggest worries about this warmer-than-normal thing is that it will become the new normal and Washington will become the new California. Which, by the way, I also hate. Well, I don’t really hate it but I wouldn’t want to live there. It’s too far south and too mild for a cold weather loving gal like me. I like hard frosts, crisp autumn mornings, bone-chilling starry nights, drinking hot tea on cold days and bundling up in fleece and fuzzy socks. I worry that it will be too warm for any of those things to happen this year. I worry that I won’t ever get to see Smarty play in the snow. I worry that my inability to exercise in warm weather will turn me into a blob. I worry that this long spell of warm weather will turn me into a cranky old lady and I’ll never stop wanting to say things like, “put on some clothes, Missy. What do you think this is California?” when I see people jogging in their underwear. (When did underwear become sportswear?)

The prospect of another non-winter is really depressing. The thought of summer continuing through October is unbearable. The worry about drought and all the creatures that will suffer because of it is…well, worrisome. The thought of living in the new California is horrible. If this is the new normal, I want out of here!

Iceland sounds nice.


18 thoughts on “Blob-Related Worries

  1. I don’t think I have heard of this, thanks for the heads up.

    The original “The Blob” at least had Steve McQueen in it 🙂

    (I keep trying to type blog instead of blob 🙂 )

    1. I only heard of it because it’s having such a strong effect on our weather and local waters, which is kind of surprising with how much climate change is being talked about. It makes me worry that it’s actually related to Fukushima….

  2. Wow! It’s hard for me to relate to the heat crisis. It feels like summer never really arrived here in Ontario, Canada. We’ve had nice days but not really any long stretches of heat, especially in cottage country. In the winter we had below normal temperatures and the ice didn’t melt off the lakes for a very long time, which caused the water levels to rise. I recently saw a map of the world and everywhere, except in the eastern part of Canada and the U.S. northeast, there were higher than normal temperatures. I hope the crisis passes soon for you.

    1. I noticed that too – that most places are recording higher than normal temps except for the northeast. I guess I know where to go to get away from the heat! Hopefully, something will even things out. We need the snow in our mountains and it sounds like folks in the northeast could use a break from it! If I could send summer your way, I gladly would. 🙂

  3. Sounds horrible Trisha, but you’ve got to stop reading about it OR stop allowing it to get you down.
    I choose to change TV channels when watching news that makes me uncomfortable and feeling negative. But then I rarely watch the news on either the computer or the TV (and don’t buy newspapers).

    1. Hopefully once we get cooler temps for fall I can just enjoy the weather and not think of the overheated fish or thirsty trees. Summer has always been a time of anxiety for me. Something about it, other than the heat, makes me uncomfortable. I’m sure reading stories on the Weather Channel app is not helping this. I probably should delete it until the stories are about storms, ice and snow, which don’t scare me in the slightest. 🙂

  4. I had not heard of this Blob and I understand you worrying but as Vicki said you have to try not to let it depress you. Climate change is real no matter what certain Australian Prime Ministers think. We moved to Tasmania because the climate is more temperate than on the Australian mainland. I’m a cold weather gal too mostly. South Australia where Hubby and I grew up is somewhat like California and over the past thirty years or so the summers have become progressively longer and hotter, the bushfire season starts earlier though that’s true of all states even Tassie. I try to support groups calling for climate change action and sustainable living but I also try not to dwell on it too much because I’ve moved as far south as I can go and stil be in Australia!

    1. It’s interesting (though not in a good way!) to hear that the climate has gotten warmer there too. It definitely has where I live. When my grandparents were young, they had much colder winters here. Even when my dad moved here in the early 50’s, there was a lot more snow than we had in the 70’s and 80’s when I was growing up, much to my dismay! It’s also interesting to hear that your prime minister is denying climate change. Our government is really pushing it, which makes me doubt it…until I look at the evidence in my own experience. Our area has definitely warmed. I’m glad you were able to find a place to live that is cooler for you. I’m just about as far north as I can get while still being in the US. Now I’m eyeing Canada and finding it really appealing!

      1. If I lived in the USA I’d be finding Canada appealing too for more than one reason. Climate wise I guess Alaska is still an option?
        Our PM is very right wing and basically a stupid man. He thinks coal is a good thing, it was, in the industrial revolution! I am embarrassed by our current government’s attitude on many things.
        What you said about the climate where you live is more or less what people who have lived in Tasmania all their lives tell me. Winters were colder, it snowed more and took longer to melt.
        As a child in South Australia I remember that we had a few days each summer where the temperature would rise over 100 degrees fahrenheit and they would send us home from school early. No air con in schools in the sixties. Now in a typical summer there will be several spells where the temperature is above that level every day for up to two weeks and barely drops even at night. I know a few ex pat South Australians around here and they all left because of that.
        What makes me mad is that our PM, who is from Sydney, is about the same age as me and should remember this as well as I do as their weather has become much more extreme too.
        It is worrying but unless NASA gets their skates on and finds us a new planet this is what we have so we have to keep calm and carry on as they say; but also vote out stupid reactionary governments. End of rant 🙂

  5. I first heard of The Blob this last spring. On the one hand I like knowing the reasons for weird weather. On the other, like you I don’t want to be living in the new California! I have lived in drier climates in Spokane and Idaho and I do have a love for those types of places. But only to visit. (Preferably in autumn.)

    Western Washington weather suits me so much better than any other region of the US that it has always been difficult to imagine living anywhere else long term. There are times I miss the crisp cold of a Spokane or Idaho winter. The damp cold here can be more uncomfortable to deal with even though temps aren’t as low. But I still want winters regardless.

    Smarty looks like a happy dog in that pic!

    1. I feel the same way: I love to visit eastern Washington and I think I would enjoy their dry, cold winters. But not the summers, with their triple digits and lack of shade! The more places I go, the more I appreciate what we have here in Western Washington. When I was younger, I always thought I wanted to live somewhere else but now I can’t imagine leaving here. We’ve got it so good: no tornadoes, hurricanes or triple digit heat! Let’s hope this is year is just a fluke and we don’t become the new California!

  6. I haven’t heard anything about this. But then again I don’t watch or read the news regularly. It sounds terrible. 😦
    That’s an adorable photo of Smarty in his pool ❤ I bet he'd like swimming with some fishes 🙂

  7. I do live in an area where the weather changes more frequently, but we had two back to back horrible summers a few years ago, and neither of those kept away Old Man Winter at his worst when the calendar flipped. Don’t give up on the Pacific Northwest lifestyle just yet… climate’s a long term thing that happens over many years, not a short term occurrence…

    Maybe they should send buckets of ice out to take care of the blob…

    1. You are probably right and this is just one of those two year streaks of the same kind of weather. We’ve had them before, though never a summer this long or hot. I’ve just been reading way too many “news” stories on the Weather Channel. I just need to get back to the Pacific Northwest mindset that believes that we will pay for any dry weather with extra rain later.

      I was thinking the same thing – we should just ice the damn blob!

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