Hey, Mom, Look What I Found!


I came home from the grocery store yesterday to find an extra dog in my house. Daniel found the little old lady wandering around the elementary school. She had no tags or collar on. We took her out for several walks around the elementary school to see if anyone was out looking for her. No one was. We asked neighbors if anyone knew where she belonged. No one did.

Luckily, Smarty is cool with her hanging out with us. Unfortunately, Scooby is not. He came flying out from under the end table and attacked her. She spent the rest of the night shaking uncontrollably. Poor little thing.

I’m taking her into the vet this morning to be checked for a micro chip. Hopefully, she has one and her owners can be contacted. Otherwise, I’ll be buying printer ink and printing and posting flyers (or, is it fliers?) on this hot summer day when I need to be resting. Thanks a lot, Daniel!

Actually, I’m glad he’s tender-hearted enough to not be okay with leaving her wandering alone out there. I was the same way as a kid – bringing home every stray animal I could find, and probably some that weren’t strays.

Please, wish me luck in finding her owners. While I would like to get another dog eventually, I feel like I’m tapped out in the senior citizen animal department, with an 11-year-old dog, a 17-year-old cat, and two 13-year-old cats. Another really old pet is the last thing I need!

Update – One hour later, the little doggie is at her own vet’s office, where they recognized her, double-checked her microchip and called her mom. Yay! A happy ending! Now I get my much-needed rest…after I wash Daniel’s bedding, which Little Dog peed on and my bedding, which Scooby puked on. :/


9 thoughts on “Hey, Mom, Look What I Found!

    1. Thank you for the good luck wishes! It was such a stroke of good luck to happen to take the little girl to her own vet where she was so quickly recognized. And so odd that I just happened to have a collar the right size for her too. It feels like it was meant to be!

  1. I do like a story with a happy ending. It is nice that Daniel cared enough to bring the dog home and as you would have done the same at his age all you can do is sympathise with your mother 🙂

  2. Wonderful news (that the owner could be traced), but rotten news that you had to wash all the bedding.

    A caring son who is thoughtful enough to bring the dog home is well worth the effort (of washing the bedding).

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