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The Sassafras


When I think of cream to light brown, like Cee is asking for in this week’s Fun Foto Challenge, I think of Sassafras, my best friend and constant companion for fifteen years. This is an old photo, as Sassafras has been gone for five years now, but it’s still one of my favorites.

Sassafras was eight pounds of fluff and fury and she ruled the house with an iron paw. Although she was half the size of the boy cats and looked like a helpless little fancy cat, she was a force to be reckoned with. Just ask Scooby, who wasn’t even allowed in the living room or the bedroom while Sass was in charge! Even though she regularly smacked the boy cats around (and she didn’t spare the claw when she did), they had to be a little grateful to her because she defended them if she thought the dog, or any other threats, were too close to them. Once, when a stray dog ran into our house, all the boy cats jumped up to the safety of the fence in the backyard while Sassafras ran into the house and sent the dog running out with its tail between its legs.

Sassafras was as sweet as she was ferocious and she had so much personality she was like a cat, a dog and a human, all wrapped into one tiny body. I’ve had many, many cats over the year, but none come close to being a Sassfras. She was one of a kind, a true gift from the Universe.


8 thoughts on “The Sassafras

  1. Oh, she was a pretty kitty. I always love how cats with white and cream markings/coats are able to keep them so pretty. I can’t even wash a white shirt without it not looking quite the way it should ever again 😀

    1. Same here! And wearing light pink pretty much guarantees I’m going to spill something on myself.

      Sassy was an avid washer and always looked clean. Her son, Frosty, not so much. He often looks like he’s been working under the hood of a car!

  2. You can see all of that personality in her look! She reminds me of a cat we used to have when I was growing up named Fluffy. She spent the majority of her 12 years living the outside life since my Mom eventually got to where she wouldn’t let cats in the house… and that lifestyle made her tough as nails. She was about as big as Sassy, but she could whoop any mutt in the neighborhood’s behind!

    1. Sounds like Sassy’s twin! Dogs should be extra careful around the cute, fluffy, little cats. They must be extra fierce to make up for their size!

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