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Random Thoughts and Some Sunset Photos


Wednesday our skies filled with smoke from wildfires in California. I’m sorry about the wildfires but that smoke was such a blessing! It kept our temps a good 10-12 degrees below the 88 that was predicted and it gave the sun a lovely orange glow that would have made any hour of the day good for taking photos. Not that I went anywhere to do that. Michael’s new car already broke down so he had my car all day. I did drive over to the church by the power lines just before sunset to see if I could get some good shots of how cool the sun looked. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my 55-210 mm lens and the kit lens couldn’t get the clouds and sun without all the light poles and other junk.


I took one of my sunflowers with me to get the first shot. I tell ya, if you want to get some weird looks, just drive around with a sunflower in your passenger seat and then stop to take photos of it!

I also took a few more shots of the sunset, as seen from my house.



And one from inside the house. The orange spots must be dust on the window.


This morning I woke up to clouds and rain. It’s lovely! Also exciting, my dad, who has become a squirrel-watcher too, called to tell me there was a black squirrel in his yard. I hear a lot about black or white squirrels back east but haven’t seen any here, although I’m hopeful about all the white I’m seeing on the tips of their tails. It appears that there is now more than one squirrel with a white tip tail, although it’s harder than ever to tell them apart now that they’ve shed their winter fur and chub.

Squirrel activity is finally starting to pick up after a month-long lull. I’m not sure if they’ve been quiet because of the heat or because they were all embarrassed to face each other after the 12-hour sex-capade in my yard but there were hardly any around. Now, I’m seeing nursing mothers at my feeder and they’re a friendly bunch. One kept coming toward me while I was trying to take photos of my flowers.


This when I decided I had better keep an eye on this squirrel, since toes look like peanuts to them!

This fall-like weather makes me feel like baking so I think that’s what I’m going to do today after a run to Trader Joe’s for some coffee. I’m going to try baking some paleo zucchini bread and ginger carrot muffins. We’ll see what happens. Most of my cooking this week hasn’t been very successful because I keep forgetting what I’m doing and wander off to another room. I also need to do some laundry because Daniel has no clean clothes, even though I took his laundry to the washing machine three days ago. I guess I wandered off from laundry too. It’s just been that kind of week.

Have a great Friday! 🙂


21 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Some Sunset Photos

  1. Beautiful! I love the light poles and trees. You said you wanted to take them out, but I think it sets a feeling of distance and grounds the picture. I also love the sun through the petals of the sunflower. I know what you mean about wandering off. I do that a lot too. My problem is that I wander off with a purpose and then when I get there I forget what that purpose was. 😀

  2. The part about the sunflower cracked me up. Usually when I’m taking photos in public places it’s a pretty normal activity to outside observers. But every once in a while I’ll get fixated on something odd and I realize I look like a bit of a weirdo. (Plus, there are my park preview pics where I’m photographing informational things like porta potties and non-descript cement paths. It must look like I have no eye for the interesting. Heh.)

    I love the photo of the sun’s glow through the lamp!

    1. Yes, I would imagine you get some weird looks when photographing porta potties and such! 🙂 It actually surprises me how much people stare when I’m out taking photos, even of normal things. Mostly they’re just curious looks but the sunflower raised a few eyebrows!

  3. Love the sunset and to be honest, I like the light poles in the frame. Makes for some added interest in the composition.

    (BTW Good to hear someone else besides me wanders off and gets distracted from the task at hand. Makes me feel more normal).

    1. I’ve been doing a lot of wandering lately and it’s disappointing because I thought I had this mental fatigue/fog beaten and now it’s back with a vengeance. I want my brain back!

    1. I was amused when I saw two people look at me putting the sunflower in the passenger seat of my car and then look at each other with raised eyebrows. I probably already have the reputation of being the crazy lady of the neighborhood because I talk to squirrels. And crows. And cats. Sometimes even bugs. 🙂

    1. The sunflower one is my favorite but I still haven’t achieved quite what I was hoping for with it. I guess that means more driving around with a sunflower riding shotgun! 🙂

    1. I hope the little guys will come out of the nest before fully grown. Usually, they don’t show up in my yard until they’re all grown up but, every few years, some little ones will show up. I haven’t yet figured out what conditions bring them out early but I’ll have my camera ready in case it happens this fall!

  4. Poor squirrels, lost in the moment, didn’t think about how to handle the days afterward.

    Funny about the sunflower; I am going to guess you get the same looks I get with Lego pics (which I am trying to take more of).

    Then again, maybe not. A sunflower is pretty “normal” 🙂

    1. I would guess the looks for sunflowers and Legos would be similar! I plan to take my sunflower out again some time this week. My husband says it would only look crazy if I put the seatbelt on it! 🙂

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