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Just Another Tired Monday

Yesterday, I did a small amount of walking at a local (and lame) park and cleaned like two things. Today, I’m completely wiped out and all my muscles ache like I did a triathlon without training for it. My brain is basically a useless lump of tissue, incapable of even putting together a Share Your World post.

It’s really disappointing to experience such a huge setback after improving so much over the last year.

I’m reading a book,  Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – it’s mitochondria, not hypochondria, that lays out a good protocol for treating chronic fatigue. The problem is, part of the treatment is the Paleo diet, which is based on meat and vegetables, the two most labor-intensive food groups. How is a person supposed to rest and spend the day in the kitchen preparing meals? The other problem is that one of the key supplements in the protocol – D-ribose – is derived from corn and I’m allergic to corn. I tried it for a couple of weeks (I seem to be able to get away with small amounts of corn starch) and I experienced major night-time hotness. Like feeling like the memory foam was going to burst into flames underneath me, even with no covers and the fan blowing on me kind of hotness. I stopped the D-ribose and have returned to my usual level of overly warm at night.

I don’t mean to be a downer but I’m feeling discouraged at the moment. Every day there is more that needs to be done than I can possibly do. In the day time, Smarty ejects buckets of blonde hair onto the floor. At night, Trouble tears chunks of his woolly black hair out and deposits them on the floor. Then there’s the puking up of hairballs and the tracking in of outside dirt. I love my kitties but they are dirty creatures! Then, there are the teenagers. The hall bathroom is nasty-gas-station-bathroom gross again. I clean the kitchen and someone immediately comes in and dirties it up again. I need to exercise to lose some weight but I don’t have the energy. I’ve gone up a pants size over the summer. I haven’t visited my parents since…I can’t even remember when.

This is the reality of being a parent when you have a chronic illness. So, if you know anyone with a chronic illness, for god’s sake, cut them some slack! Don’t give them a hard time about not calling or visiting. Don’t judge them for never achieving any goals. Just getting through the maintenance stuff that has to be done can be overwhelmingly hard and takes every bit of energy they have.

Time is short when you move super slow.

Now, I’m off to eat a healthy, grain-free lunch that would make a caveman proud! Yeah, right….


19 thoughts on “Just Another Tired Monday

  1. I don’t suffer from the same ailments that you do but I do have to admit that I feel much better when I eliminate bread, pasta and cereals from my diet. The problem is I love bread and I’m sure that’s why I’m unable to lose weight despite walking 10 000 steps a day on average.

    1. I know I feel better if I cut gluten completely out of my diet and I’m sure my inability to give up carbs is also the reason that I can’t lose weight no matter how much I walk. Protein foods are just gross compared to bread though!

  2. My sympathies Trisha.

    As I have the same symptoms from my CFS/FM I feel exactly what you’re saying. I don’t stick to the Paleo diet 100% but that’s due to finances more than anything. But when I do cut grains & dairy 100%, I DO feel almost 100% (except for my spinal disc disease and surgeries which cause added morning stiffness and almost constant lower back, sciatic & hip pain).

    The advantage I have over you is that I’m single and try to clean up after myself so I don’t have housework piling up. I love food and am (or was) a very good cook, particularly Indian food, but I find the best thing is to just cook meat or fish in a non-stick pan and steam veggies these days. Takes about 15-20 minutes and doesn’t make much dish washing. Its a boring diet, but I can no longer afford the ingredients to cook (let alone the energy to wash up the prep dishes).

    I couldn’t cope with a family and pets, like you do.

    I think you’ve got to train your family to clean up after themselves and try to do some of the chores. As the boys get older they should know how to iron their clothes and cook (well at the weekends anyway). Better still, you should go stay with a friend for 1-2 weeks and leave the rest of the family to fend for themselves so they understand what wives/mothers OR pay for a cleaner to come, once a month say, and give the whole house a clean to give you a break.

    I think you have to chose about the pets too. I know you love them and they’re great company. But if you have pets, then you have to do the care & maintenance they bring.

    PS I lose a bit of weight on the 100% Paleo diet – usually 4-5 kilos/7-8 pounds.

    1. The boys definitely need to learn to do more. My youngest is so helpless. We had a spat a few weeks ago where he refused to even put one of those toaster waffles in the toaster because he said it was too much work. It made me mad so I refused to make him anything and he didn’t eat until 4-5 in the afternoon.

      My husband says once these cats are dead, we aren’t going to get anymore. I can’t imagine life without a cat. I’ve had one or more continuously since I was 7-years-old. But I definitely won’t have three cats at a time ever again. Three is way too many!

      My life would be so much easier if I could eat simple meals of just meat and veggies. But I can only eat a few bites of meat that isn’t chopped into small pieces or otherwise disguised. I don’t like the taste of pork (except bacon) or chicken (except roasted) and I don’t like fish unless someone else cooks it. Plus, I worry about the safety of fish with Fukushima dumping out gallons of water every day and now there’s the massive toxic algae bloom thing going on because of the warm blob of water. The need for protein in the diet is the bane of my existence!

  3. Sorry that you are feeling bad this week. It sounds like you need a break, any chance of getting away for a few days, or alternatively sending the family away so you can have a rest from cleaning. Pet hair at our house seems to be permanent too but I’d rather have the pets than a spotless house.

    1. I’d rather have the pets than a spotless house too! Smarty, our dog, makes us so happy. I miss having clean floors but I would miss him so much more!

      I don’t see any possibility of getting away or sending everyone away. It should be a little easier in the fall with my youngest back in school and my oldest working two days a week and taking two college classes instead of just one. And hopefully by the then the animals will start building, rather than shedding, their winter coats. I’m not sure what’s going on with this second surge of shedding. First it was the cats, then Smarty and now I’ve started shedding too!

      1. My Cindy is a staffy lab cross with that yellow lab colour. She doesn’t seem to have a non shedding season, just more or less according to the weather. I’ve had a black dog, a brown dog, a toffee coloured dog and now a cream one and it makes no difference, the hairs still show up on everything including me!

  4. (((((hugs))))))
    I really do understand. I am allergic to nuts, seeds and fish, which makes the paleo diet tricky for me, but I haven’t even started on that part of the protocol yet. I will miss my carbs badly.
    Trish, be disheartened no more – I was sure I had seen something Dr Myhill said about corn-free d-ribose, and I had – here is a link to the one she suggests http://www.supersup.com/solgar-d-ribose-5-3-oz-powder-033984009882
    She says others are available too 🙂 I bet Google will find a few 🙂
    I agree with Vicki, you need to get the other members of the household doing some chores. My lot take turns with cooking depending on who is at work and who isnt, and I rarely cook now, but my kids are older than yours. But even so, your boys can clean their own bathroom and bedrooms. And maybe you could all take turns with the daily hoovering up of fur, but….is it really *that* bad if it doesn’t get done once in a while. Litter trays and furballs you have no choice but to do as needed, but again – the rest of the household can take turns. I am sure if you are honest about how ill you feel, and ask them to help they would rather chip in and have you feeling better than have you continue to struggle.

    1. Thank you for that link! I thought I’d read somewhere in the book that there was a corn-free D-ribose but I couldn’t find it again once I realized the regular D-ribose wasn’t going to work for me. I feel much better knowing that it is still an option for me! We have a Super Supplements not too far away too, although I might just order it online since I’m not feeling up to getting out.

      How wonderful that you have someone to help with the responsibility of cooking! I’m on my own in that regard. But at least I have two who can drive to pick up ingredients or takeout once in awhile. I guess I should be grateful for that!

      1. no problem 🙂
        Even if you can’t do the paleo I would still try and get the nutrients in place, if I were you as the specific ones of L-carnitine, d-ribose and Co-enzyme Q10 are the key ones our mitochondria need.
        Alas I am the only driver, and have no car at present, so I get the groceries delivered, but they’ll nip out to the local shops if we need anything urgently.

  5. I am sorry you are suffering. I have CFS and am currently trying to following Sarah Myhills plan and blogging about how it goes. check it out at : theantidoctor.wordpress.com xx Wishing you a Good health week xx

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