Photo Challenge Entries

Find the Burgundy/Maroon


I spent most of the morning staring at my computer screen while scrolling through my messy, chaotic photo archives looking for photos with burgundy or maroon for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. One of the first photos I found was the one above, which I took on my birthday trip to the Antique Rose Farm back in June. Maroon isn’t one of the main colors in this photo, but there are six or seven items that are kind of maroon-ish, so I’m posting it as one of those hidden object kind of photos. 🙂

Then I found this red rose, which has burgundy veins running through it. Or, are they just purple? I’m afraid I don’t really know my colors very well anymore!


Then, I found this photo of Winter Vegetable Hash, my favorite winter breakfast.


And, finally, I found this photo of the canine counterpart to Cathouse Pizza, The Dog House Tavern in Langley, Washington.


I took the last two photos with my little Sony Cybershot before I got my new camera and they make me realize that my new camera, while not super expensive, is a huge upgrade over what I had before.


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