Sunflower Sunday

Hm, what’s missing from this photo?

Friday night the light seemed good for capturing more sunflower photos.  I got my camera, walked partway down the deck stairs and gasped at the carnage at my feet.


One of my sunflowers was tipped over onto the steps and beheaded!

I looked around to see if I could find the fairly large bloom, but only found this:


I looked around the yard, to see if I could find the perpetrator of this evil deed, and spotted this:


If you can’t tell from the blurry photo, it’s the tail of a squirrel that’s slinking away into the garden. I should have known those destructive little tree rats wouldn’t leave my sunflowers alone!

But what did I do an hour later when one showed up at the back door to beg for peanuts? I gave it some peanuts and then went the store and bought more for them. Those cute little critters have me completely wrapped around their furry little claws. I mean, how could I possibly be mad when I look out my slider and see this little face?



13 thoughts on “Sunflower Sunday

  1. That is the cutest little face!

    “Aw, shucks, ma’am! I have no idea what (burp) happened to that sunflower! You wouldn’t happen to have anything yummy you could throw to me, would ya? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?”

    1. LOL! That’s probably exactly what it was thinking when it was looking in my slider! I love it that they stand outside begging. My heart just melts and my grocery budget keeps on going toward seed and peanuts for them.

  2. I have a possum that lives in the roof and I am quite happy. He doesn’t do much damage. He isn’t like American Opossum who look as if they could be a bit nasty. I think it is really nice to live with the animals. After all we built our houses where their houses used to be. More peanuts are the go.

    1. Just in the last few weeks, I saw a photo of an Australian opossum. They are so much cuter than their American cousins! I wouldn’t mind one of those living in my roof either! Our possums are cute when they’re babies but then they get kind of rat-like and scary looking. Their big teeth are a bit terrifying!

    1. They can be naughty little rascals, for sure! So far, they’re leaving my other sunflower alone. I’m hoping if I supply them with enough peanuts they’ll let it grow. That seemed to be our bargain with the suet feeder for awhile. 🙂

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