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Bathing Beauties


Twice in the past week I’ve had the pleasure of being out on my deck at the right time to watch two male Juncos taking turns in my bird bath, which is most often used as a squirrel water dish.


Although the Oregon variety of the Dark-Eyed Junco is one of the most common birds around here, especially in the winter, I never get tired of seeing their black heads bobbing around the yard and the flash of black and white tail feathers as they fly away. They’re so adorable!


For some reason, my yard is a hangout for an almost all-male flock. In the wintertime, when there are ten to twenty in the yard at one time, only one or two look like females, but it’s possible that they are young ones that haven’t developed the distinctive black cap yet. I need to do some research on this, as I wonder where all the females go.


In the spring, after the flock leaves, a few always stay behind. They hang around all summer, eating seed and whatever else they can find in my yard and garden. And also, apparently, taking dips in my bird bath.






I’m so glad I moved the bird bath closer to the house so I can see them bathing. They look like they really enjoy it!


12 thoughts on “Bathing Beauties

  1. I love juncos. They always look so dapper. I haven’t seen any around my building all summer and not sure why. Usually there are a few that hang around all year.

    1. They do look quite dapper! I’m curious about their migration patterns. Maybe more went further north since it’s such a warm summer? I don’t know! Hopefully, they will return to your area soon. It is such a joy to see them.

    1. It is curious! I’ll have to do some research to find out. Maybe it will turn out that I’m wrong about the females having less distinct coloring and they’re a mixed group after all! Wouldn’t surprise me with the brain fog!

  2. Enjoyed your photos. I find with a series of shots it tells more a visual story. Wonderful shadows highlighting their play. That bird bath is also quite interesting.

  3. I really like your birdbath, it looks so natural. We’re in the process of planning a new back garden and I’d like to include a bird bath now that we don’t let our cat outside.

    1. I understand about the cat! I felt a little worried when I saw the birds splashing around in the bird bath because my cats are outside in the day. They’re all old now though and spend most of the day lounging on the deck. If I see them take an interest the bath, I will have to reevaluate!

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