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Never Gonna Give You Up


This week the theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is habits. She asks us for photos of our, or other people’s, habits.

The habit I’m most attached to is the one I probably should give up: My morning cup of coffee. For most people, a single cup of coffee a day wouldn’t be harmful and, in fact, there are many studies showing health benefits from drinking 2-3 cups a day. But, if you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue and your nervous system is stuck in overdrive, dumping caffeine into your body is not good. I know this. And, yet, I can’t won’t give it up.

Drinking a cup of coffee is the thing I look forward to most every day. I love it, the flavor, the warmth, the ritual, the aroma. Those fifteen minutes of coffee sipping are pure heaven. So, why don’t I just switch to decaf? Find me a fair trade, organic decaf that’s as good as the real thing and I will!

My current favorite is Trader Joe’s Fair Trade Organic Bolivian Blend. It’s a medium roast that is smooth, caramelly (it should be a real word) and sinfully good with a teaspoon (or two) of coconut sugar and a splash of half and half.


I’ve read that coffee is a crop that is heavily sprayed with pesticides, so buying organic is important. I tell myself the lack of chemicals makes up for the caffeine….

My newest companion to my morning coffee habit is the Rainbow Donkey mug I bought from Evil Squirrel’s RedBubble shop. I just got it this week and I love it! It’s true what they say: Coffee does taste better with unicorns. And, if they haven’t said it yet, I’m saying it now. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Never Gonna Give You Up

  1. Ditto to that, Trisha.
    The rare times I have to go without my favourite Italian Expresso coffee in the morning is a very sad day indeed.

    After from the caffeine hit (when you’re fatigued), I think it’s the aroma wafting through the air that draws us.

    1. And that caffeine hit does such wonderful things for the mind and body for a few hours! I feel so much better after my coffee kicks in. It’s hard to pass that up! But the aroma…yes, I agree – that’s a big draw too!

  2. Haha I’ll never give up my coffee either! Although, I have started mixing a herbal blend of ‘coffee’ in with my regular to make it a bit healthier and I actually prefer it this way. Cute mug! 🙂

  3. What kind of herbal coffee do you have? I tried one from Mountain Rose Herbs. It was good but pretty expensive for every day drinking. I thought I might try blending some chicory with some fall spices to mix with my coffee. I love the idea of the spiced coffees Trader Joe’s has for fall and winter but they don’t use the best coffee for them. I figure if I’m going to drink it, I may as well drink the good stuff!

    1. He really does make the coffee magically taste better! Sometime in the near future, I will order the Buster WTF? cup because some days are more possums and WTF than rainbows and unicorns. 🙂

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