Sunflower Sunday


The glory of the sunflower…before being shredded and gobbled down by greedy squirrels!


6 thoughts on “Sunflower Sunday

  1. Lovely Trisha!
    Goodness sakes those squirrels, I’m telling you, such naughty little things! They’re being complete freaks around here, digging, digging, digging everywhere, in everything! This morning as I was out checking on my garden I saw their little paw prints everywhere – including on my stool where I sit. I imagine they were sitting there contemplating all the areas they could ransack my garden. Cute little prints though. Why do they have to be so stinkin’ cute?! I want to hate them… 😉

    1. They’ve been doing a lot of digging here too and it makes such a mess when they dig in my pots. I can just see one sitting on your stool looking around. They’re lucky they’re so damn cute!

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