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Sharing My World – Week 35


What a weird weekend! After months and months of dry, hot weather, a big windstorm blew through Western Washington on Saturday afternoon, making it feel like fall came in overnight. Our power was out for nine and half hours, which is the longest we’ve been without power in the fourteen years we’ve lived here. I feel completely disoriented. One day it’s summer, the next we’re having a November-like storm that just keeps hanging around, although it’s just breezy and cloudy now and not dangerously windy.

Somehow, the area around my house survived the wind, although there are trees down all over the neighborhood. The only casualty in my yard was my new dahlia (pictured above).

Another weird thing about the weekend was that Michael, my 19-year-old, was in San Francisco visiting his friend Adam. This is very disorienting! To have my child roaming around San Francisco = totally weird! He texted me this picture (below) on Saturday, saying he and his friends road bikes over the bridge and were taking a ferry back. Then he stopped responding to our texts and we had no idea what he was doing or where he was. He finally texted yesterday to say he was walking on the beach and then this morning to say his flight has been delayed.


I looked at the weather in San Francisco and was happy to be here, even without power! It was 81 there on Saturday. I’ve had enough of that and hope our fall-like weather is here to stay.

Cee has four more questions for us for this week’s Share Your World challenge. I’ll do my best to answer them in a non-boring way, although I’m thinking I should not have gone half-decaf this morning. I guess Zombie Brain is what I get for being too lazy to wash the coffee grinder!

What made you feel good this week? Getting packages in the mail! I love ordering things online to have delivered but I don’t do it very often anymore because of the cash-only budgeting thing we do. Last week I splurged and got my Rainbow Donkey mug, which I shared on Friday, and a box of herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs.

For potlucks or parties do you cook it yourself, buy from a grocery store, or pay for catering? I try to avoid both potlucks and parties! If forced to go to one, I like to make my pple Cider Baked Beans.

What is your favorite part of the town/city you live in.  And what Country do you live? I don’t live in the country but I don’t live in a town or city either. My neighborhood is kind wedged in between the towns of Mill Creek, Bothell, Everett and Snohomish but isn’t in the city limits of any of them. It makes me feel like I don’t belong anywhere! I guess I most feel like Mill Creek is my hometown because it is the closest and it’s where my kids go to school. The thing I like best about it is the Mill Creek Town Center, which I will blog about later this week. I live in the USA.

Complete this sentence:  My favorite place in the whole world….. is out in nature. Sorry to be so vague but I can’t pick one favorite! I love the ocean, the mountains, the farmland in the valley, and the forests. Anywhere far from the hustle and bustle of civilization is good!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’m grateful we got our power back the same day it went out. Thank you, Snohomish County PUD! I saw on the news that some people in Bothell will be without power for most of the week. That would really suck. We don’t often have long power outages here so we’re very unprepared.

This week I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the cool rainy weather for some fall nesting. I feel like making soups and stews and some healthy muffins.


12 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 35

  1. Saturday was felt creepy and did we get the wind down here too. Our lights only flickered once. I was grateful for that. Thanks so much for sharing this week. Enjoy our cool weather, it feels good.

    1. Saturday did feel creepy after the weather being so bright for so long! I am enjoying the rain though. The long dry spell made me appreciate the rain so much more than I ever did before.

  2. I’d like just a week of your hot weather! Been a sporadic August for us in England with more rain and grey clouds than sunshine. Still it does mean it is very green here so guess that’s a bonus 🙂

  3. The weather shift seems so abrupt! The storm definitely brought fall with it. I had no internet for all day Sat. but I did have power. Then well after the storm was done I lost power in the evening, for 11 hours. Strange timing.

    1. That does seem like strange timing! After seeing the photos of trees and power poles down, I’m amazed our power came back on as quickly as it did. It’s a mess out there! So many trees broken and sheared off.

  4. I’d certainly hate to be without power for nine hours, but I remember being without gas for 6 weeks many years ago due to a coal worker’s strike. At that time I lived in a mainly gas apartment. I remember getting up very early and boiling up kettles of water for a bath (before I went to work each day). I had electricity, but my hot water and stove top was gas fired.

    I still remember people interviewed on TV who were angry because they couldn’t cook or bath their children. I felt like ringing in and saying “use your initiative, boil the kettle and buy something electrical to cook (if you haven’t already got this sort of thing”.

    I love the wind in a high storm. But then came the day things came crashing down and I slept on the inner area of my bedroom as I thought the windows were going to get blown in in a particularly bad storm.

    1. I love the wind too but that storm sounds scary! I think losing the ability to cook anything is the most inconvenient, so being without a stove top would be just as bad as having the power out. At least for me. The rest of my family is most bothered by not having internet or a way to charge their phone!

  5. Between July 2006 and January 2007, my area experienced three different weather events (The worst thunderstorm I’ve ever seen and two different massive ice storms) that caused mass power outages… in many cases for a week or more. All three during very hot or very cold times. In response to the public flogging our electric company got, they went on a massive years-long project to begin clearing out any and all limbs near power lines along its grid. I lost the back third of my oak tree when they finally reached my neighborhood in 2012, and some trees literally looked like someone had taken a buzzsaw to them and chopped them in half vertically!

    But you know what? The power almost never goes off during windstorms or ice storms anymore like it used to. Only the squirrels are unhappy these days since it’s much harder for them to get to the power lines!

    1. I think I would be most bothered by a long power outage in hot weather! Although those ice storms sound terrifying. We’ve only had one ice storm in my memory but I don’t think we lost power, which is amazing because the thing that woke me up was the sound of trees crashing down everywhere.

      My neighborhood squirrels have to be pretty ticked off because so many trees have been chopped down this summer. My next door neighbor took out every tree on his property and someone just had a huge bunch of healthy trees on the greenbelt cut down, which infuriates me. In your neighborhood, it sounds like it might be good thing for the squirrels to not be able to get to the power lines!

      1. I hate it too when people remove trees just to remove them. They should think of the homeless squirrels!

        The “squirrel highway” as Merbear once called it is remarkably safe given the number of squirrels that traverse it every day. Heck, walking the power lines might be safer than driving the interstate!

  6. Soup crossed my mind today, just thinking about cooler weather. And hot chocolate. There is something to look forward to! It’s fun to receive packages. It doesn’t seem to matter when I order, they all seem to arrive the same day!

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