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My Yoga Partners


Last week I decided to take advantage of a rare quiet moment in my neighborhood to do some yoga out on the deck. I drug out my old yoga mat and, before I could get my socks off to step onto the mat, it became occupied!

Trouble (the cat in the photo above) has appointed himself my yoga instructor. Usually, he waits until I’m in a precarious pose like downward facing dog or cobra and then he weaves around my arms and legs, tickling me with his fur or licking or biting any bare skin he can find. He also likes to sit under me so I can’t lower myself to the floor. His expression when he’s watching always seems to be, “you’re doing it all wrong!”

On this particular day, he quickly got bored of my clumsy attempt at yoga and left. While I was doing some standing poses at one end of my mat, Smarty made himself at home on the other end.


It made me smile, but also made me feel a little sad because it made me think of Baby (the dog we lost in March), who liked to do yoga with me. When I put out my yoga mat, she would climb on and do a downward facing dog. Sometimes she would do one alongside me. It was so cute and funny!

I never did capture a photo of her doing her dog stretch but I did get one of her after she brought one of her toys to my mat.  I went to get a drink of water and, when I came back, she was waiting for me.


I miss doing yoga with her. 😦

While it was nice to be out in the fresh morning air with sunshine and shadows dancing at my feet, it was hard to relax because squirrels kept popping up everywhere.


I’m comfortable with the squirrels scurrying around on the deck while I’m out there, but not when my feet are bare. I’ve seen them looking at my toes like they’re peanuts.  I think if I’m going to continue outdoor yoga, I need to get some of those yoga socks. And that still wouldn’t solve the problem of my biting yoga instructor!


4 thoughts on “My Yoga Partners

  1. Aw such adorable little yoga partners, and that photo of Baby is so sweet! ❤
    I often wish I could practice my Qigong outside, but there isn't any place out there besides the street-side yard and that is way too out in the open for me to be able to concentrate, maybe someday we'll get a privacy fence…
    I chuckled at you saying that the squirrels looked at your toes like they're peanuts haha!

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