Settling In


This is my favorite time of year for many reasons, one of which is that the squirrels that are going to be here throughout the winter and into the spring start settling in. Tipsy, the little squirrel with the tipped head and white-tipped tail, even built a nest in the tree next to my deck. Even though he’s not the friendliest squirrel, I’m glad to have him around for another year and I’m excited that he will be so close. It gives me more time to win him over. He almost took a peanut out of my hand last night but then Frosty ran out the door and scared him off.

The squirrel in the photo above is one of the other three that seem to be here off and on throughout the day pretty regularly. None of them, aside from Tipsy, have any distinguishing markings so I’m not sure if they were here last year or not. Some of them seem very comfortable here. One of them feels so at home that it came right in the back door and helped itself to the bag of peanuts I keep in a box in the corner of the dining room. I heard some scuffling and, when I went out to investigate, I found a little pile of peanut shells on the dining room floor!


18 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. That’s hilarious about finding the shells.

    My grandparents were friends with a man who owned a cabin on Priest Lake in Idaho. They were usually invited to the cabin at least once a summer, and occasionally we got to join them. My sister and I were very young, and the most exciting part about going for us was feeding squirrels peanuts from our hands.

    1. That must have been fun to get to go on a trip with your grandparents. I think I would have been afraid to feed a squirrel out of my hand when I was a kid! I don’t remember seeing squirrels when I was a kid. I remember feeding chipmunks up on the pass but not squirrels.

  2. Better to have a squirrel you know about find those nuts and leave the shells on the dining room floor. It would be awful to think that husband or son might have had a midnight snack 😀

    1. I, too, am rethinking my plan of becoming a crazy cat lady, especially since my 17-year-old cat keeps forgetting where the litter box is. Squirrels are much easier!

  3. I am thinking a squirrel wandering into my house in search of a few noms probably wouldn’t last long with Ody and Biskit on patrol. In six years of having two cats, I have never seen a live rodent in my house. Then again, I don’t think my squirrels like me all that much, which is puzzling since I am so good to them and turn them into internet stars…

    1. Your cats are much better at keeping your house rodent-free than mine are then. Trouble and Scooby both have brought many varieties of live rodents into the house and then released them! They’re both too cowardly to tangle with something as big as a squirrel though. Still, the squirrels should be afraid to come in the house because of Smarty. He would love to sink his teeth into one of them.

      If your squirrels had little cell phones to browse the internet, they would worship you for making them stars! I’m not sure why the squirrels feel so comfortable here with us. Maybe it’s because the way our house is set up they can see us and know that the food comes from us. Or, maybe it’s because they’re descended from that freakishly friendly squirrel, Nutsy. It took many years for them to feel so comfortable around us so maybe yours will come around.

    1. You know, I didn’t even think of the possibility that it could have snuck in and hidden somewhere. As much as I love the little critters, it would freak me out if there was one hiding somewhere in the house! Years ago, we had one that came in all the time. She would come in looking for us and would even jump up on the couch with us. But she was really calm and that was before we had a dog to chase the squirrels. I just know one of them is going to climb up me some day when they’re getting chased!

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