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Random Baa-bbling.


Thanks to my tendency to put off everything until the last minute, the past few days have been very busy. Too busy, in fact, for my tired, achy body to handle. I’m hurtin’ today! It seems I will never learn to pace myself. But, it’s September and life is good.

Friday, my friend Bernadette and I went to the Mill Creek Town Center for some lunch and a little shopping. It was a lovely afternoon, although I indulged in way too much sugar, having a Pumpkin Spice Latte to celebrate the arrival of September and then a mini caramel apple cake later. And, while I’m confessing, I may as well fess up about the pumpkin spice macaron too. ((((hangs head in shame)))) I’m absolutely helpless against the allure of fall spices and flavors!

Saturday, Don and I went to lunch in Snohomish and stopped at a produce market on the way home. They had the most adorable squash I’ve ever seen.

Flying Saucer Squash! Aren’t they cute?

And, they had the most adorable sheep.

Just look at this face!

Although Don calls country/rock artist Brantley Gilbert my new boyfriend (I can’t help it that his latest album has so many good songs on it), it is this little sheep that has captured a piece of my heart and that I hope to sneak out to see again soon. Next time I will take my “real” camera and telephoto lens so I can zoom in on that cute face.

I went a little wild in the produce market and bought a bottle of hard cider, which I’ve always wanted to try. The verdict? Hard cider is too hard for me! Three sips and I had a pounding headache. Plus, it tasted like taking a swig of whiskey with a little splash of cider. I decided I will stick with non-spiked spiced cider from now on.

Sunday, Don and I went to Cabela’s (his kind of place, not mine) and then to Jennings Nature Park in Marysville (photos for another post). Although I enjoyed our outings, I let my house chores get away from me and ended up with way too much cleaning and laundry to do on Monday and things were to the point that I couldn’t just leave it. Monday wasn’t fun.

Yesterday, I had to take Daniel school clothes shopping. Although he said he wanted to get in and out of the store fast, it wasn’t at all fast. It took forever to find the right size of jeans. While I was waiting for him to try on a dozen different pairs of jeans, I looked around and noticed all the shoppers were older ladies with teenage sons. Then I realized that I am one of those “older” ladies now! But, apparently, I have a sweeter-than-average son. After we paid for the clothes (holy cow adult-sized boy clothes are expensive!), a woman tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I love the way your son loves you so much.” I was puzzled for minute and then realized that Daniel had been putting his hand on my shoulder, leaning on me and running his hands through my hair the whole time I was at the cash register. I said, “oh, uh, thank you!” (What do you say to something like that?) And she said, “you just don’t see that very often.” For some reason, it brought tears to my eyes. Lately, I’ve really been feeling how fast time is slipping away and how soon my years of having kids in school will be over.

This morning, I wasn’t feeling nostalgic about there being so few back to school days left. It was hell getting up at 6:00! And then Daniel somehow managed to shatter a plate and shower half the kitchen in shards of glass, which also, unfortunately, landed in the bowl of eggs I had ready to scramble and the ham and cheese I had sitting out. This incident, combined with the store being out of eggs yesterday, makes it so I have to make an extra trip to the store, leaving me once again to wonder why stuff like this always happens when I’m the most tired.

I was grumpy for a few minutes and then I went to the door to let the cats in and there was a squirrel waiting with them! It just wanted food (not to come in) but, still, cute! Those little critters always brighten my day. They’re always doing something funny. Like this:


Well, enough baa-bbling. I need to re-vacuum the glass-littered rug now that it’s bright enough to see what I’m doing. Then I need to rest up so I can get out to visit that cute sheep again!


13 thoughts on “Random Baa-bbling.

  1. Aw that sheeeeeep! ❤ I adore sheep, like seriously. My Rachael's name even means 'little lamb.' 🙂 And that squirrel photo is way too cute, I'm still hating on my squirrels here… now they're stealing all my bell peppers just as they're turning yellow grrrrr the little shits!
    I am totally with you on all the fall flavors, I crave everything pumpkin, apple, and spice when fall comes around. Sorry it all gave you such a sugar hangover though. :/
    That is so sweet how Daniel was lovin on you at the store ❤
    Thanks for sharing this Random Baa-bbling, I really enjoyed reading it, Hope you feel better soon…

    1. I adore sheep too. They have the cutest faces. I really wanted to get in that pasture with the sheep and hug it!

      I’m sorry the squirrels are stealing your peppers. They are naughty little guys! There are so many things I just can’t grow here because they wolf them down before they ever get ripe. But, there are so many squirrels here there’s just no keeping them out things. OMG – just as I wrote that last line, I heard something and went to investigate and found Scooby chasing a squirrel in my dining room! Apparently, I can’t even keep them out of my house now!

        1. On warm, sunny days I like to leave the slider open. We don’t have many bugs here and the cats destroyed the screen years ago so it’s just wide open. Usually, it’s not a problem but occasionally a squirrel, Stellar’s Jay or dragonfly will find its way in to the house. The Stellar’s Jays are the hardest to get out!

  2. Ah, so that’s the squirrel at the front of the buffet line. No doubt, he’ll invite the sheep over as well. And if the sheep knows a goat, that will solve your broken shards of plate problem!

    1. Oh, I wish the squirrel would invite a sheep over and the sheep would bring a goat friend. That would be so much fun! And it would be even better if the goat would clean up all the glass shards and eat the dust bunnies floating down the hallway. 🙂

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