A Garden Walk


I thought I would share the photos I took at Jennings Nature Park this weekend, even though they’re not very good. I had a very bored looking husband with me so I felt rushed and didn’t slow down enough to remember to change my aperture after taking macros. Consequently, everything in the distance is not very sharp. Plus, I really haven’t learned to find the best focal points yet. It’s something I want to work on but I haven’t found a good place to practice that’s close enough to home.

The best part of Jennings Nature Park is the WSU Master Gardener Demonstration Garden. Walking through gave me a bad case of garden envy. All those paths, flowers, shrubs and arbors. Even a bean tunnel! ((((sigh)))) I wish I had the space and the sunlight to create even a few of these features.



19 thoughts on “A Garden Walk

  1. I know what you mean about having a bored husband. Any time I try to stop and get good pictures of anything, all of my family members get very bored and anxious very quickly. Especially the twins. And if I try to take pictures of any of them… forget it!! The funny thing is they take selfies all the time. So I know what you mean about feeling rushed and not able to get the right settings. I don’t think you did a bad job at all even with the wrong settings. As far as focal points, what I usually do is create one when I’m editing. If I think the picture is too boring I crop it, create a vignette, give it a soft glow or something like that to make one thing of interest a focal point. But then again, I am just a hobby photographer. Professionals may say something different.

    1. I can’t get my sons to pose for photos either. Yet, they will for their friends!

      Those all sound like great editing ideas. I need to take the time to learn a different photo editing program, I think. I don’t do much editing beyond hitting auto contrast, increasing sharpness a bit and maybe increasing saturation a hair. What photo editing program do you use?

      1. you can download picasa and fotor for free. I also use the editing program attached to the google pictures app that came on my Mac. I use all three of them interchangeably. Each one does a little something different. I am the “what does this do” type so I just jump right in and play around with programs. And if I don’t like what that did, there’s always the undo button.

  2. I took a week long trip touring around the state with someone in 1991. It was a great trip, but she has never even owned a camera her entire life. So by the end I could sense her utter frustration every time I said, “Oooh, look at that, I want to stop for a picture.” It’s not even that I could blame her. If the roles had been reversed I would have been sick of it by then too!

    Where is the Jennings Nature Park located? It looks very pretty.

    1. Jennings Park is in Marysville. There is a playground, along with the garden, barn and cabin you see in the photos. There is a trail to the other side of the park but it goes down through a gully and back up again and the scenery isn’t that great along the way. The garden is so lovely though. I’d like to go back in the spring to see it.

      I, too, can understand the frustration of having to stop every few minutes for someone to take photos. I can’t help myself sometimes though!

  3. I should add a tragic p.s. to my touring story. A few days after we got back the house was broken into. Not only was my camera stolen, but the bag with all of my rolls of undeveloped film was taken too. So all those stops and her frustration was for nothing. I never saw a single photo from the trip. It still makes me want to cry.

  4. Looks gorgeous, Trisha.
    (and I’m glad to hear someone else forgets to change camera settings 😀 )

    I hate doing photography with someone else walking with me as I constantly feel hurried in an effort to keep up with them or worried they’ll get bored with my constant stops and starts taking photos. It’s especially hard if they don’t see the fine details as photo worthy (like I do).

    1. It is hard to take good photos when out with someone who isn’t a fellow photographer. It made me feel rushed but maybe I can’t blame that for making me forget to change camera settings after all. Today I took a bunch of photos in the bright sun and didn’t even think about the ISO, which was set at 800! :/

      1. I forget settings when I have all the time in the world. Film photography was so much easier in that regard. With digital there are so many things other than light and composition you have to pay attention to. If I use the macro setting, about 98% of the time I forget to turn it off before I start taking photos of things in the distance. I forget about ISO often too. Or if I’m trying to get a photo of a bird I’ll have the multi shot setting on. Then I go to take a pic of a bridge and get four photos. Heh.

        1. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one that forgets to change settings. I do it so often I was starting to feel absolutely hopeless as a photographer! I often leave the multi shot setting on too. Also, I keep leaving my camera set to sunset mode, although it doesn’t seem to ruin non-sunset photos.

  5. I have garden envy too, I’d love a garden like that- and a gardener to take care of it for me 🙂
    About taking photos with others I know the feeling. I always feel that I should not waste too much time getting the shot if I’m with someone else so if I go out looking for pictures for a photo challenge I really prefer to go alone. The exception is probably with my husband as he enjoys photography although different subjects to me and he would happily drive me around and stop wherever I wanted.

    1. You’re lucky that your husband enjoys photography too! Mine never complains about all my stops but I still feel like I need to hurry so he’s not standing there bored to death. I should get more adventurous and go places by myself. I would if any of the good places were closer. I just don’t like to drive very far.

      You’re right that a garden like that would need to come with a gardener!

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