September Sunshine


September sunshine shimmers through evergreen boughs, illuminating flower petals and making fall-tinted leaves glow in its radiant light.





I feel like I want to capture an image of everything the September sun touches, so I can savor its beauty forever (or at least until my computer crashes and I lose my flash drive). Plus, I have just discovered that my telephoto lens is capable of capturing close-up images and does a helluva lot better job of it than the kit lens I’ve been struggling with all these months. So, I’m off to heed the call of the September sunshine!


12 thoughts on “September Sunshine

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the September sun too, there is something magical about the quality of the light.

    I’ve been using my telephoto for closeups more too lately. My newish camera is a good one, but I’ve struggled with the macro setting on it for some reason. My older cheaper camera took better macros in my opinion, which surprised me.

    1. There is something magical about the light this time of year! I find it so irresistible. I just want to be outside all morning and evening. Even the afternoon sun has a softer quality to it.

      I swear my telephoto lens wouldn’t take close-ups when I first got it. I finally gave up trying until Thursday when I felt too lately to change lens and thought I would give it another shot. I was shocked when it actually worked! I don’t know what I was doing wrong before.

      I find that macros are easier to take with my little old point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot than either of the cameras I upgraded to. I have so much trouble with focus on really close-up shots with my new camera. It’s disappointing when a new camera doesn’t do something as well as an old one!

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