Photo Challenge Entries

Soft as a Junco’s Neck


Cee asks us for photos of things that appeal to our sense of touch in this week’s Fun Foto Challenge. When I took this photo of a Junco yesterday morning, the soft look of the feathers reminded me of how soft they actually feel. Once in awhile a bird flies into my windows and, when that happens, I rush out to rescue the bird before the cats can get it and I either put it some place safe or hold it until it recovers. The last one I held was a sweet little Junco like this one. Those fluffy feathers around their necks are so soft!

Also soft are leathery sage leaves,


Trouble’s wooly coat,

I actually like Scooby’s silky fur better but he wouldn’t pose for a photo.

and the multi-directional waves on the back of Smarty’s neck and shoulders.



13 thoughts on “Soft as a Junco’s Neck

    1. I would love to reach out and touch one of those fluffy tails but I’ve never been brave enough. I’ve seen them crack open a filbert shell like it was nothing. Imagine what those teeth could do to a finger!

    1. Thank you! I’ve always wanted to be able to get soft images like that so I was excited to learn that my telephoto lens is capable of it. Now I just have to learn how to get them that way on purpose. The Junco photo just kind of happened!

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