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First Fall Fog


When autumn blew into the Pacific Northwest with that windstorm the last week of August, I didn’t trust it. I thought summer would make a comeback and hang on through October. Last Thursday, while walking through the cool, misty air of our first thick fog of season,  I finally started to believe that fall had really fallen. Although we can get fog just about any time of year, this one felt like a fall fog somehow.

Maybe because I dislike summer so much, every sign of fall is such a welcome, magical thing in my eyes. Even the trail (in the photo above) through a neighborhood park, which Smarty and I walk on a few times every week, suddenly looked mystical and inviting and I was inspired to stop and snap a photo with my iPhone.

I’m so excited for more foggy mornings and for every phase of the fall ahead. It’s all so beautiful!

Linking to Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Week 37


10 thoughts on “First Fall Fog

  1. I thought the same as you. That the sudden and unexpected arrival of fall at the end of August had to be a trick. But nope, except for those two warm days it’s been consistent.

    1. Yeah, it’s crazy the way it changed over night like that! I’m always surprised when I check the forecast and see so many daytime highs only in the 60’s. I really thought it would be hot throughout September and halfway through October like it was in 2012.

  2. I’m a real fan of fall weather and colours also. Ours hasn’t clicked in yet, but rain forecasted tomorrow and cooler weather. I’m yearning. Can’t wait to take photos of the trees when they change. Love the foggy trail.

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