Photo Challenge Entries

Imperfect Grid


Occasionally the stars align and I’ve just taken a photo that fits The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme for the week. Last weekend we had a light mist that clung to a delicate spider web just outside my kitchen window. I didn’t feel up to going out to look for more webs so I shot this one through my kitchen window. And, lo and behold, this week’s theme is grid.

Usually, I’m amazed at how perfect spider webs are but this spider was either very haphazard about building this web or had to make a lot of repairs to it. This grid is kind of a mess!


13 thoughts on “Imperfect Grid

  1. That spider should know better than to drink and web. The spiders have been so bad this year, and I have webs like this all over the outside of my house! But I can never get a good picture of one… so I really love how well you captured this wobbly web!

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