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Oddball Moments of the Week


Last Monday morning when I was out walking Smarty, I saw this Honey Bucket go by behind a truck. I thought, “oh, no!” but, oh yes, it was parked in front of my house when I got home and it spent a day and a night there. I’m really surprised Daniel didn’t go out and use it. I guess he’s really starting to grow up! 🙂 😦

The following day, the Honey Bucket and all the construction workers disappeared and the crosswalk signal was up and running so, hopefully, I’m done living in a construction zone for awhile.  At least until next summer when they decide to tear up and redo something else….

The next oddball moment came courtesy of my oddball cat Scooby, who is always doing something odd or funny. I hadn’t seen him for an hour or two and was worried because he’s always in the house or lounging on the deck. Then I noticed one of my dining room chairs had grown a tail and an extra leg!


Linking to Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge – Week 38


11 thoughts on “Oddball Moments of the Week

      1. A bit more gentile than some of the Aussie slang for it. Don’t know if it ever made it to US shores but there is an Australian film called “Kenny” all about a guy who runs a Portaloo hire business. You’d think it would be gross but actually it’s not.Very likeable characters and beliveable story.

          1. This is an old one from several years ago. We rarely go to the movies ourselves so didn’t see it until it was a couple of years old. I never know anything about new movies except the ads I see on TV.

  1. I have never seen that brand of port-o-potty before! As odd as it must have been to have an outhouse parked in front of your home, I thought the name Honey Bucket was even odder! Almost all of the portable terlets I see around here are Johnny On The Spots. I think I used one once when I was a kid, and I’d just as soon go in the great outdoors than use one of those disgusting contraptions!

    1. I just assumed Honey Bucket was a nationwide thing and have never seen a Johnny On The Spot. I guess portable toilets are something I never gave much thought to, except for trying to figure out how to avoid using them. I would rather use the great outdoors too, even as difficult as that is for a girl to do! However, one would have come in handy at Mt. Rainier when I accidently peed in my shoe while using the great outdoors.

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