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Delightfully Delicious


I fell in love with rose hips the first time I made a tea with them. I love the rich, deep-red color of a rose hip infusion and I love the tartness that mingles with a deeper, more earthy flavor.


The first time I tried rose petals in tea, however, I made a disgusted face and commented that it was like drinking perfume. I kept sipping though and, by the end of the cup, I was hooked! While many herbal tea recipes flavor with peppermint or spearmint, I prefer to flavor my leafy teas with lemon verbena and a sprinkle of rose petals. There are other flavors hiding under the perfumy-ness. Delicious rosy flavors that are hard to describe.


Now when I see roses, I evaluate their edible potential. The “wild” roses planted at most parks in the area make fabulous rose hips.


Unfortunately, the drought this summer made them shrivel prematurely.


All that beautiful fruit gone to waste! Or, hopefully, to the birds. They will probably still eat them and may be glad they don’t have to share with me!

In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Taste


9 thoughts on “Delightfully Delicious

  1. Whenever I see rose hips I think of my granny. She was quite the avid huckleberry picker, but she also showed us that rose hips were edible. She said they were a good source of vitamin C. No idea how true that is. I can’t say I ever aquired a taste, but never tried tea before.

    1. Your granny was wise! Rose hips are very high in vitamin C, although I’ve read that the drying process destroys much it. Although I love them in tea and preserved in glycerites and jam, I’m not sure I would enjoy eating them just off the bush. I can understand how you didn’t acquire a taste!

  2. I think I just had an epiphany while reading this post. People don’t drink tea, they sip tea. Maybe that’s why I don’t care for tea, because you’re expected to sip it. I’m one of those people who will blow through four or five refills of soda when I’m eating out… I’m a drinker, not a sipper!

    Though this doesn’t explain why I don’t drink alcoholic beverages that are made to be chugged…

    1. Yeah, I can understand how annoying it would be to sit and slowly sip a cup of tea when you’re used to taking big drinks. I get cold headaches so easily that I have to sip cold drinks very slowly. I probably end up drinking my herbal teas faster than I can drink a can of soda! But I’m with you on the alcoholic beverages. My chugging days are long over!

    1. Thank you, Cee! Taking photos of food and herbs is something I want to learn and this challenge made me experiment with that. I liked how the photo of the rose petals in the spoon turned out so I think have some ideas about how to proceed with these kind of photos.

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