Friday Randomness


I had such great plans of getting things done this week but those plans all went to hell, in part because of the baby squirrels! I’ve spent a lot of time watching out the window, trying to get good shots of the babies (there are at least two of them now) and trying to keep food out, which is no easy task this time of year. The squirrels are absolutely voracious and there are so many of them!

Shorty, my favorite squirrel from last year, returned after a five month-long absence. At first I wasn’t sure it was him because his tail fur is different but then I compared a new photo with an old one and noticed the same little indentation of his right ear.

Shorty last April, before he disappeared


The return of Shorty!
Shorty two days ago

I was over the moon when I realized that it really is him! There is just something extra special and cute about him.

Shorty last winter

I love the way he stands outside the slider waiting for me to hand him a peanut and I love how calmly he takes it, as if being close to me doesn’t make him nervous at all.

Thumper, the little mama squirrel with a really short tail, also returned after being gone for the summer.


Maybe…. Now that I see this photo, I think the squirrel that’s here now has even less of a tail. Oh well. Whoever this squirrel is, it hops like a rabbit so the name Thumper stays!

In non-squirrel news, I had an acupuncture appointment on Wednesday. My TCM diagnosis is now stagnation of Qi. I read about it and it sounds like it started with how irritable I was this summer. :/ I had an acupuncture treatment and some bodywork on my right arm, which I could barely lift because of burning pain in my shoulder and upper arm. The bodywork seemed to heal my arm and shoulder but getting things circulating again in a fibro-afflicted body is not always a good thing. I woke up yesterday feeling like the flood gates of fibro hell had opened within in me. I took Smarty out for his walk but almost called Michael to come pick us up because I didn’t think I could make it home. When I finally staggered into the house, I collapsed on the couch, slept for two and half hours and barely moved off the couch all day. I haven’t had that bad of a flare is a really long time. I’m a little better today. At least I am conscious.

Another bad thing to come from the appointment is that I learned that I’ve gained nine pounds since July.  Nine pounds! In two months! All without eating worse or exercising less. WTH? I’m going in for blood work so we can check my thyroid and also check again for autoimmune disease. My mom was just diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome so my chances of getting/having autoimmune disease just went way up because autoimmune diseases seem to cluster in families. Lucky me.

I’ve decided that I really don’t like walking on Fridays because it’s garbage day and Smarty wants to sniff every garbage can and then tries to raid the ones that smell appealing to him. He’s also afraid of the garbage truck and nearly knocks me down when one rumbles past. Add to that his zigzagging and weaving in front of and behind me, his barking and lunging when other dogs walk by and his losing his mind when kids on bikes or scooters go by, and walking him is kind of a pain! He lives for his morning walk though so I have to do it. Our lives kind of revolve around making the old boy happy. He deserves it.

I’m very excited because I just got a package in the mail. I finally decided to spend the money Don gave me for my birthday so I ordered an aromatherapy diffuser and twelve bottles of essential oils. There go my hopes of getting anything done today. I have new things to play with! Now I can finally make that blend called Crisp Autumn – 3 drops Wild Orange, 3 drops Patchouli and 1 drop Clove – and my office can smell like crisp fall air instead of a gassy dog!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for hanging in there with my random babbling. Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. So I’m not the only person who spend half the day looking out the window. Great minds think alike 😀
    Sorry to hear about the FM flare-up. Seems ages since I was that bad due to FM. Most of my current woes have been surgery/fall/back pain related etc i.e. non FM. I must say despite the physical injuries I have been much much better since leaving the old damp, dark flat. I knew it always affected me.

    I know what it’s like to be struck down when you’re out walking and you think you’ll never make it home. That’s when my Walking Meditation steps in and my mind goes into another zone (besides pain/fatigue). Then I suddenly find myself walking in the front door and home and I don’t remember how I got there.

    Have you eaten anything that affects you? I’m thinking like too much dairy/grains?

    1. Nope, you’re definitely not the only one that spends half the day looking out the window! There’s always so much going on out there, especially in the fall and winter here. If I had your view of the sky, I would spend half the day looking out too! I’m glad your new flat is better for your health. I’m wondering if I will feel better once we move from here. My health definitely took a downward turn when we moved in here.

      I’ve been more careful about my diet lately, which makes the weight gain and flare-ups so frustrating. The only thing I’ve eaten more of the last couple of months is eggs. I’m going to have food allergy testing done when I have my other blood work done so I may find that I’m allergic to something I didn’t know I was. I’m hoping it’s not eggs. That would be extremely inconvenient. I need a lot of protein at breakfast and I’m not a big meat eater.

  2. If I spotted some baby squirrels in my yard, I know I’d be even less productive than my usually level of non-productivity.

    I also don’t trust the scales in doctor’s offices. My weight seems to bounce around all over the place, and I always end up tipping the scale when I’m sure I’ve lost weight, and come out light when I feel like a beached whale.

    1. That’s a good point about the doctor’s office scales. They seem to always weigh differently than my scales but I can’t check my weight on my scales anymore because they were Frosty’s latest peeing target. Yep, the crazy old bastard peed on and ruined our electronic scales, of all things. He’s going to ruin my chances of ever owning another cat!

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