King of the Swing

DSC02974The swing feeder we bought last spring has provided many hours of squirrel-watching fun. It was especially hilarious when we first put it out there and the squirrels each had their own idea about how to use it.



Once they figured out that they didn’t have to hang upside down to eat, the fun came from watching them play king of the swing, with squirrels constantly climbing on and jumping at the swing, trying to oust the squirrel that’s in the swing. Occasionally, two will peacefully share like in the first photo but, most of the time, it goes something more like this:






The 2nd to last one really cracks me up because they’ve both got their eyes closed, ready for a fight, but they continue eating while waiting for the blows, scratches, bites or whatever happens when they tangle. They move too fast to see exactly what happens in their tussles!

Don just replaced all the railing on the deck and one of the next projects is to build a trellis-type thing on one corner to hang bird and squirrel feeders. I was going to have all the feeders on the deck but I’m thinking the swing feeder needs to stay where it is. It’s just too fun watching the squirrels fight over it!


22 thoughts on “King of the Swing

  1. As cute as that first photo is, I knew it had to be the exception to the rule! It’s rare for me to see two squirrels feeding peacefully even with my plain old corn cob feeder. I think the hanging upside down squirrel was just showing off, or airing himself out…

    1. Back when I first started feeding the squirrels, there seemed to be a few that would eat peacefully together. The way they climbed over each other made me wonder if they were siblings or something. I don’t see that very often anymore though. Word about my house has spread through the squirrel grapevine!

      I was sad when upside down squirrel figured out that he didn’t have to hang like that. It was so fun watching him!

    1. They generally seem pretty playful about it but they are pretty competitive. Recently, some of the squabbles have sounded more serious than I’m used to hearing.

        1. I don’t blame you for hating on them after what you saw! I tell myself that I keep my squirrels well fed and happy that they won’t commit such atrocities! 🙂

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