September Moments


Every month I take photos that I don’t end up using in a blog post. While I was looking through my September 2015 folder this morning, I was inspired to create a blog post using all these over-looked photos with the addition of a few favorite moments or photos from the month. Maybe I’ll start doing this every month. Or, maybe I’ll forget by next month. Either way, here is my recap of September! Click on any image to enlarge it.


6 thoughts on “September Moments

  1. In my typical Saturday Squirrel mode, I can totally picture the little guy peeking up over the deck pounding his paws on the table like he’d just walked up to a bar. “Bartender! Acorns, now! And a shot of whiskey!”

    The photo of Trouble is so adorable!

    1. I can picture the little guys pounding their paws on the table too! If I knew how to use Photoshop I could put a knife in one paw and a fork in the other to make them look like they’re doing that. That actually sounds like a good project for this winter!

      Trouble is sweet. Poor kitty, I’m afraid he’s often overshadowed by his spotlight hogging brother Scooby.

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