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Baby Squirrel’s Big Adventure


Watching the baby squirrels this past week, I’m starting to understand why they don’t normally come around when they’re this little! Poor little Baby George went through a terrifying ordeal on my deck the other day. Somehow, he ended up on the railing of the far side of my deck and his mom was in the cedar tree on the other side of my deck where the trees providing the great squirrel highway are. And in between them, was Frosty.


Baby George didn’t need to worry about Frosty. Frosty will be 18-years-old sometime this month and he doesn’t seem to notice what’s going on around him much anymore. Plus, he hasn’t killed anything in at least a decade. Daniel and I always joke about how he took a vow of non-violence became a Buddhist monk. But of course poor little Baby George didn’t know this. He stood on the railing looking from Frosty to the tree where his mom was and he squawked and flicked his tail back and forth violently the way squirrels do when they’re agitated. There was nothing I could do to help him without scaring him to death so I grabbed my camera and took pictures.





Just after this last photo, Baby George leapt on to the metal pole of the canopy we have on our deck. He climbed up and slid down and climbed up and slid down.




At one point, it seemed like he looked at me like, “help me!” and I wanted to pick him up and take him to his mom so bad. But…well, just look at those claws!

After he slid down for the third time, Scooby decided it would be easy hunting to sit at the bottom of the pole to wait for Baby George to fall into his jaws. At that point, I had to intervene. I went out onto the deck to grab Scooby and I was close enough to little Baby George that I could have touched him. It would have been really stupid but it was so tempting!

I brought Scooby inside and shut the door. Baby George got down and ran headfirst down the side of the deck. Pretty soon, the squawking stopped so I assumed mother and baby were reunited. I also assumed I would never see him again but I was wrong. He was on the deck yesterday and this morning he found the food I put out on the deck and he jumped into the cedar just like the big squirrels do. It’s taking awhile, but he’s learning how things work around here. Of course, by the time I have him eating out of my hand, he’ll be all grown up and I won’t even know it’s him!


21 thoughts on “Baby Squirrel’s Big Adventure

  1. Great photo essay about the trials and tribulations of Baby George.

    When I parked in front of my building a couple days ago a squirrel came along and climbed the trunk of a closeby tree. It did the tail flicking thing, then climbed higher onto a branch where it proceeded to make two different kinds of scolding sounds at me. I was a little insulted since all I was doing was sitting there quietly with my camera, but the squirrel wanted me to know it was not pleased!

    1. Squirrels are really good at scoldings! I angered one while hiking one time and it gave me a tongue lashing I haven’t forgotten! I wonder what your accuser was so bent out of shape about? Maybe you got between it and some food!

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