A Little Bit Closer


Last week, I put up a temporary feeding station on my deck to get the baby squirrels to come closer to the house. It only took a few days before they discovered that they could hop down out of the cedar tree, gorge themselves on nuts and seeds and then fling themselves back into the cedar tree without having to cross any open space or even touch the ground.

The other morning I caught this exchange between two of the babies. Unfortunately, the light wasn’t very good and I had to shoot through the dirty glass on my slider so they’re not the greatest photos. But they’re still of baby squirrels so who cares?!?! šŸ™‚


I didn’t catch the beginning of thisĀ little dramaĀ but the baby in the back started out much further back and crept closer and closer to the other smallerĀ baby. It looked like it was copying every movementĀ the other one made.


Eventually, Ā the first squirrel turned around to face the squirrel that had crept up behind it. And still, the other squirrel tried to scoot closer, resulting in this:


There was a brief moment of scuffling and squeaking and then they hopped away from each other and repeated the same thing over again. And again. It seemed the little one had already learned that squirrels don’t crowd other squirrels but the bigger one just wasn’t getting it.

I think I’ll name the bigger baby TroubleĀ Junior, TJ for short,Ā after my cat TroubleĀ who still hasn’t figured out the personal space thing. Some critters just never catch on!

For more (and somewhat better) baby squirrel photos, check out my postĀ Baby Squirrel’s Big Adventure.


8 thoughts on “A Little Bit Closer

  1. It’s like my cats. They’re fine 90% of the time, but every so often they have to fight for no apparent reason.

  2. This seems to be a clear cut case of the parents being a bad influence on the children. Can’t squirrels eat together in peace like human families do….. er, nevermind. We can’t eat in peace either most of the time!

  3. Watching little critters (or birds) is fascinating. They seem to have individual personalities and after observing them for a while, they truly do seem to ‘talk’ to each other.

    Interesting how often they mimic each other’s movements. I’ve noticed pairs of birds do this and wondered whether its sheer coincidence or actual shared activity.

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