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My New Cat


Meet Archie, my new cat. He’s awesome! He’s the only one of my cats that doesn’t poop in the litter box and walk off without covering it up. He also doesn’t smack at the dog for no reason, poop on the floor next to the litter box, shed, yowl, or lick my face when I’m trying to sleep. In certain moments, he could be my favorite!

Scooby felt threatened by Archie right away. He got really low to the ground when he spotted Archie out on the deck and he crept up to Archie very slowly and sniffed him very cautiously.


After a minute, he decided Archie wasn’t a threat. I suspect he’ll change his mind when he finds Archie in the middle of the dining room table, which is one of Scooby’s favorite perches!

In response to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – Week 41


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