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Sharing My World – Week 41


Things are kind of challenging in my world right now. After doing much better over the last year, my energy has crashed again and I’m struggling to just get my everyday chores done. I saw my naturopath/acupuncturist last week and she said my kidney pulses are very deep (again) and she explained that in Traditional Chinese Medicine the adrenal glands are part of the Kidney system. So, most likely my adrenal glands are depleted. Again. After all the work I did building them up last winter. It’s so frustrating and so very, very discouraging. I’m almost hoping the blood work I had done last week will show something else that is more easily fixed.

And speaking of that blood work, I finally coughed up the money to have food allergy testing done. I’m nervously waiting for the results. I’m so afraid that I will be allergic to chocolate or eggs. It would be very inconvenient to be allergic to eggs and tragic to be allergic to chocolate. If I’m going to be allergic to anything, I hope it’s something like broccoli.

Other than my health challenges, everything is going along just fine, or at least like usual. The cats get mad when it rains, like it’s my fault. The squirrel’s food storing instincts have kicked into high gear. Smarty continues to bark at every sound and at reflections in the windows. Daniel’s room is such a disgusting mess that I’m afraid fruit flies and rats are going to move in. Business as usual.

Anyway, enough rambling and on to Cee’s Share Your World questions!

What genre of music do you like? I wish there was a genre of music that I liked well enough to listen to on the radio without getting annoyed and turning it off. It all gets on my nerves though. It’s just so…noisy. These days, all pop sounds like rap or hip hop to me and even country is starting to be tainted by those influences. I’ve become a grumpy old lady who prefers silence and wonders how kids can listen to the garbage they play on the radio these days.

I would like to hear more southern rock though. I guess that’s a genre. I’ve always liked that uncertain territory where country meets rock. But only rock. Not hip hop. Not pop. Not rap.

What is the worst thing you ate this last week? I ate so many things I didn’t like last week that it’s hard to decide which was the worst! Cooking for four picky people requires compromise and, lately, it seems that I’m the one doing all the compromising. I even ate lasagna last week because everyone else in the family loves it and I was too tired to cook two meals. Blech! I hate lasagna and anything with red sauce.

Would you like to be famous?  In what way? God, no! I wouldn’t want to be famous, especially in our culture. Having paparazzi follow you around trying to take photos of you so they can print lies about you – no thank you! I am quite happy to be nobody. I’m happy I can take my garbage out without some reporter accusing me of dumpster diving. I’m happy that my cellulite and under-eye bags are safe from cameras and that the sordid bits from my past can stay in the past.

Complete this sentence:  This sandwich could really use some … cranberry sauce. Turkey and cranberry sounds good today.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Last week I was grateful to get the trip to my naturopath’s Wallingford office over with. (Wallingford is in north Seattle and I hate city driving.) This week I’m looking forward to getting grocery shopping over with. That’s my life when I’m tired: just wanting to get things over with. I’m worried that fall is going to pass by before I’m able to get out and enjoy it.


20 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 41

  1. Cranberry sauce on turkey sandwich–yum! Tis the season to start thinking of such things. Make time to do something you really want to do. I’m guilty of always holding off on something I’d rather do. Time to change that. Fall won’t last forever. I’m in the lasagna camp. 😀 Hoping if there’s a food allergy, it’s to something you won’t miss.

    1. I’m also guilty of holding off on the things I want to do. There are just so many things I have to do and so little energy left for anything else. Still, you’re right – I need to make the time for something fun!

  2. Wishing you well in your allergy results. Totally agree with not wanting to be famous. I’m glad to be “nobody” also and “somebody” to those I care about. Love the photo of the pear.

    1. I’m glad you like the pear. I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to use it and I figured talking about food allergies was as good a time as any!

  3. Completely agree with you about today’s music. I rarely have the radio on for the same reason. Most of today’s music is not a patch on what we had in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Come to think of it that’s pretty much how my mum felt about the stuff my sister and I liked. Maybe it’s a generational thing. I don’t think so though. Our music was great, the new stuff is rubbish end of story. 🙂

    1. I so agree with your last sentence. New music is rubbish! 🙂 I also have to admit that it may be, in part, a generational thing. I can remember how horrified my parents were by some of the music I liked as a teenager. But at least instruments were used then! Now so much of the “music” sounds like a bunch of weird noises.

      1. Yes it does and so much of it seems to be done to a formula. I know this has happened in other decades but now it seems like instead of forming a band with your mates and playing for anyone who would have you the thing is to go on a TV talent show and be “groomed” by the judges/mentors. Result, they all come out sounding more or less the same.

  4. I understand your comment on city driving. I got rid of my (old) car in Nov 2003 and apart from needing major repairs, I rarely used it and walked to work and at the weekend (for that very reason of hating the traffic). Now I wish I had a car because shopping can be a chore.

    I hate soft things like Lasagna & pasta too. I think part is because I feel so bloated and end up falling asleep (due to the wheat/gluten).

    Good luck with the food/allergy testing and while you didn’t mention if you’re having approved allergy testing or one of the alternative (unproven & unorthodox) tests like Vega testing, I hope you find some answers. I would be letting my own reactions after eating a food guide me more often than not.

    Interestingly enough, when I cleared out a lot of old health articles/papers a couple of weeks ago I came across my old allergy/Vega test results from back in the early 1990s. On re-reading them, they actually concurred with the problems I have in the present day.

    Must be so tiring have to cook different meals for you & your family. My best friends had the same issues many years ago. My girlfriend and her husband were Vegetarian, the eldest daughter was Vegan, the son was a Carnivore and the youngest daughter (with type 1 Diabetes) was trying to be vegetarian. Unfortunately she didn’t want to eat the foods which were essential for a growing teenager’s bones etc. Interestingly enough, since the husband had 2 heart attacks a couple of years ago, his Cardiologist insisted he go back to lean meat and less carbs. Can’t believe how much weight he lost on more lean protein (and he wasn’t really fat to start with, just a little overweight).

    1. I’m not sure what kind of allergy testing I’m having. My naturopath/acupuncturist first recommended it a year ago and I don’t remember what she said about it. Doing an elimination diet is just way too much for me to take on right now since I’m feeling so poorly and have to cook for other people. And my symptoms fluctuate so much with weather changes, stress levels, and hormonal cycles. It would take testing something many, many times before I could tell whether it was bothering me or not. And my reactions aren’t typical or predictable either. I know corn bothers me but sometimes it causes heart palpitations, sometimes night sweats and sometimes itching on the bottom of my left foot. It’s so crazy! I think I know what foods bother me but, after my mom was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and I realized that a skin condition I have is actually an autoimmune disorder, I wanted to be very sure I’m not eating things that are activating my immune system. I hope this testing will prove worthwhile.

  5. The last full moon and eclipse was a real tough one…especially for Chris. Full moons and eclipses effect that body (according to Chinese Traditional Medicine). So that is probably what hit your pretty hard to. Chris is actually still recovering. Fortunately I wasn’t hit nearly as hard. I’ve been more tired and taking it super easy.

    I have never had of anyone else who doesn’t like red sauce…. I don’t either. So for pizza and spaghetti, I don’t use a lot. I totally understand.

    Hang in there.

    1. I didn’t know that about full moons eclipses, although I have noticed that I’m always more tired around the full moon. I’ll have to research that subject. I find things like that so fascinating! I hope you and Chris feel better. I also hope we don’t have any more eclipses for awhile!

      1. This last one was a huge convergence of a lot of things. One thing to keep in mind about full moons is that our bodies are made of of 80% water or something like and on top of that we have salt in our bodies. So we react much like the ocean high tide and low tides. Full moons have a lot of extra energy and that equates to a real big high tide. Kind of makes sense when you think about it. Everything is runs supercharged. And those of us who have a hard time super charging ourselves get really worn out. So be gentle with yourself on full moons and the couple days before and after. I am finding it makes a difference. That is why crime rates go up at full moons too. People are just agitated.

        1. That does make a lot of sense when you think about it, with the water and salt in our bodies. When I was younger I used to feel really amped up on full moons. Now I just get really tired. I will pay more attention from now on and go extra easy on myself during the full moons. And, hopefully, I will remember all this next time an eclipse rolls around so I can be ready!

  6. Sorry to hear your energy has crashed again Trisha, I hope your blood work comes back with the results you’re hoping for… no being allergic to chocolate!
    I know what you mean about music – it seems like hip hop/rap is infiltrating some of the other genres of music lately, it’s really annoying.
    You don’t like lasagna? Mmm… I could go for some right now… so cheesy… 🙂
    Haha I had to laugh about what you said about being famous and dealing with the paparazzi, I wouldn’t want that either, but I wouldn’t mind being a famous author. 😉
    I’m worried about fall passing by too, I’m so incredibly busy right now and have all this stuff to do and I just wish it would all go away so I just be out in nature and enjoy the season. Here’s to hoping we both get the time we need to get the most out of our favorite month. ❤

  7. It’s funny how I went through my “I hate current music phase” very early in life… like during my high school days. Then after a decade, I started listening again and can now listen to just about anything… which is good since you know what I have to hear every night!

    I hope you don’t end up being allergic to squirrels…

    1. It is good that you can listen to anything since you work somewhere that plays music 24/7! I hope I can get over being so annoyed by music. Maybe once my hearing starts to go!

      No worries. Squirrels are something I won’t give up, allergic or not. I love those little guys too much!

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