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Six Angles, One Subject – Sort Of


I had the hardest time finding a good subject for Cee’s Compose Yourself photo challenge this week, where we were supposed to take photos of a single photo subject from six different angles.

I started with a nice bloom on one of my dahlias


but then I felt I should practice on something different since I’ve taken hundreds (maybe thousands) of flower shots. So, I practiced on a baby squirrel (would only sit still for two angles), a bridge in my neighborhood (boring) and a dinosaur playground thingy (too many distracting things around it, for starters).

After wandering around my neighborhood searching for something that would hold still and wasn’t ugly, I got in my car and drove to Highland Park in Mill Creek, where I remembered seeing this owl statue.

I shot it from a bunch of different angles.

It was good practice because I haven’t had much opportunity to take photos of statues and monuments and stuff and, when I do see them, I have no idea how to go about getting the best angle.

While I’m not excited about any of them, I think I like this one best because I like the shape of the tail and the ears in it and, of course, the red tree in the background.


And I like this one next best, because the wood looks warm without a glare from the gray sky.


But, you know, it’s just a chunk of wood. And maybe I like the close-up the best. It’s hard to tell when I don’t really like any of them.

I’m just not satisfied with anything right now. I need a change of routine and a change of scenery. But, most of all, I need a change of attitude!


26 thoughts on “Six Angles, One Subject – Sort Of

  1. I really like how you took us all on an adventure with you. You knew I would enjoy your dahlia. That is a very interesting owl and I adore the perspectives you got. Thanks so much for playing along. 😀

    1. I thought you would enjoy the dahlia, although it’s not nearly as good a capture of one as all of yours are. My images of flowers that don’t have a lot of contrast always turn out really soft and undefined.

  2. Ditto to your last comment in the sense that I need a change of scenery (and photography subjects) too. Without a car and the energy it’s not possible though.

    Good on you for driving around to find something to fulfil the challenge anyway. I suspect you might have found something in your garden.

    I like the same angle as you – the one with the red leaves behind the owl statue.

    (Raining today and dismal so another day at home for me).

    1. I have the car to get out to find new scenery, but not the energy. It can get depressing at times, being so housebound because of fatigue. It’s something I’m really struggling with right now.

      I hope you have nice weather and some extra energy that occur on the same day so you can get out, although I enjoy all your close to home and out your window shots!

      1. To be truthful Trisha, my energy (and lower back pain) has been pretty low. And of course, I hate taking drugs too. I’ve got plenty of prescription analgesics and took 2 to get into the city today and walk around for a while, but I think I need a better night’s sleep. Once again, I can take extra drugs, I’ve got plenty, but a little part of me sees synthetic drugs as being toxic and betraying my alternative therapy training.
        As we both know, long-term pain and fatigue is really debilitating and some days you just want curl up in a heap. Took the Sony to the camera shop repair department today and they’ll send it back to Sony for a thorough check. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with shots that just don’t have the wow factor. And it’s just that bit too far away and too tedious to catch 2 buses or, a tram and 2 buses, to get to the old photography locations. I think it’s a mental thing with me (as much as a pain/fatigue downturn at the moment). If I stay home my lower back aches and if I go out for a walk, my right foot hurts and becomes inflamed.
        When I say ‘aches’ you know what I mean. I’m missing my hot soaking baths in the mornings. This new apartment only has a shower.

        1. I sure hope they can fix your camera to make the trip worthwhile, and so you can use it again and get the results you want from it. I’ve been really happy with the a5000, but I’ve never had a DSLR to compare it to. I would like to get a prime lens for it. I don’t feel the kit lens takes very sharp images, even when I do remember to use a smaller aperture.

          I do know about the aches. They’re so frustrating because, most of the time, I know nothing is wrong in the area that is aching. Some of my pain is from inflammation and some from trigger points but so often there doesn’t seem to be any cause at all, at least for the widespread, whole body ache or the random pains that resolve within a few days.

          I don’t take pain meds very often either. My doctor seems to be comfortable filling my prescription of 30 pills every six months and no more often than that. In one way, it’s frustrating because they hand them out like candy to other people I know, even people that have addiction issues. And here I am, with my rules of no more than 1 in a 24 hour period and no more than 3 in one week and they don’t want to let me have any more. But even if I had them, I probably wouldn’t take them more often. If I’m having pain but I don’t have anything I have to do, I sit with my heat wrap on my back instead of taking a pill.

          I hope you get some better sleep and more energy soon. I hope I do too. It’s so discouraging to not be able to get out.

  3. I had a bit of a laugh with the way you phrased your frustration with finding an interesting photographic subject; “something that would hold still and wasn’t ugly.” In my eyes, I do think the carved owl has interesting qualities. Even the simplest things have their own beauty. All we need is the eyes to see. Wishing you well.

    1. The eyes to appreciate the beauty that’s around me is something I’ve been lacking lately. Not all the time. There are always beautiful moments in a day. I just need to go somewhere new! And change my attitude. 🙂

  4. I chuckled at the same part Olga did.

    I like the one you used as the feature photo at the top the best. Is that a separate image, or is it your first favorite cropped? I also really like the one you shot up at the owl from a low and close angle.

    1. The close-up of the owl is a separate image. I guess I cheated by adding an extra one! I do like that one because of the way the background blurred more but the grain in the wood didn’t come out as sharp as I hoped. It’s frustrating the way I can’t tell how in focus things are until I get my photos on my computer screen. But I guess that’s the whole reason for the always take more than one photo rule!

    1. The world probably won’t find out from me. Something as sticky as a Tootsie Roll Pop wouldn’t be good around camera equipment, at least not with my tendency to smear and goop stuff up!

    1. Thank you so much, Cee! This makes me feel so encouraged and inspired to keep exploring and practicing, even when I can’t get to the places that I really want to go to take photos.

      1. Sometimes we need encouragement to keep on going. I think you know what I mean. Your entry for this past was fabulistic. and yes that is a word ….. at least in my book!!! 😀

  5. I really like all these shots Trisha, and I think you did a fine job for the type of challenge it was. I’m loving the autumn hues on all of these too, and that dahlia is so soft and lovely, the lighting is so soothing. Just beautiful! ❤

    1. Thank you, Jewels! The autumn hues do add such beauty to everything. If I had the energy, I would be outside walking under the trees all day long as they shed their leaves!

  6. The owl statue is very interesting and I liked all your shots of it. I would agree with your choices as your favourites too those are the ones I like best as well. I also liked the squirrel one I guess another thing you need is more cooperative squirrels.

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