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Sharing My World – Week 42


Fall is usually the time of year when I have this feeling of peace and balance, like everything is right in my world. This year I haven’t had many moments like that.  I’ve been struggling with feelings of dissatisfaction and irritability. Part of it could be the weather. Although we’re having more fall-like temperatures than many places, we’ve been in a warmer-than-normal pattern for a long time. Long spells of mild weather make me cranky. I feel like I need a good storm every once in awhile to break up the monotony and move stagnant energy out. I haven’t read anything about extra pollution in the atmosphere but I wonder if that could be the case because our skies haven’t had that lovely, deeper blue that they usually get in October. Also, I swear the leaves aren’t as brightly colored as they usually are in the fall. Anyone else on the west coast notice this, or is it just my negativity coloring everything?

My unhappiness could also stem from my fatigue. It gets depressing not having the energy to get out to do things. I’m sick of all my energy being taken up by the same things day after day. Empty the dishwasher. Load the dishwasher. Go to the store. Buy food. Go back to get what I forgot. Prepare dinner. Clean up from dinner. Vacuum up cat dirt and dog hair. Repeat. Again and again. I need to get out of the house more but I’m too tired to go out for long or very often. I’m hoping my blood work, which I’m still waiting for, will have some answers.

The most exciting thing to happen around here is that Don finished replacing the hideous old railings on our deck and, last weekend, he finished making me a pergola/trellis thing to hang bird (okay, squirrel) feeders on. I think it turned out great!

Notice the tail poking out from behind the center post. The squirrels like to hide there.

It’s been fun to watch the squirrels try to figure out how to get to the feeders. As soon as Don finished it, there was a frenzy of activity and competition between squirrels and Stellar’s Jays.

I also bought the squirrels a corn cob feeder. I was afraid none of them would use it because corn isn’t their favorite food but one of the babies has been eating from it and I caught my darling little Shorty doing a pull up on it.


I wasn’t sure how high to hang it. It didn’t come with directions of any kind. Any advice?

Since I’m already over my self-imposed word count of 500 words, I’d better get to Cee’s Share Your World questions!

Are you usually late, early, or right on time? My friend Bernadette always comments on how I always arrive right on time. I would probably be earlier if a bit of OCD behavior didn’t always kick in right as I’m leaving. Sometimes I check to make sure things are off several times.

If you were or are a writer do you prefer writing short stories, poems or novels? I would like to write novels. I’ve never been a short story or poetry kind of writer.

Where did you live at age ten?  Is it the same place or town you live now? From birth to my early twenties, I lived in the small, rural community of Birdsview, Washington. It’s about an hour and twenty minutes away from where I live now.

Would you rather be able to fly or breathe under water? Definitely fly! I would love to be a hawk for a day. Imagine the view from up there!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Last week I was grateful to hear from my friend Michele. We hadn’t talked in awhile so it was great to catch up with her, even through text. Hopefully, we can get some face time in soon. This week I’m looking forward to the weekend. I hope we have nice enough weather that Don and I can get out to do something. There are so few days left in October!

This is way too long. Sorry! I should delete the first two paragraphs of complaining but I’ll keep it real. Fatigue sucks! But, as always, I’m working through it, trying to not become a grumpy old lady. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 42

  1. You said it perfectly. Fatigued sucks. I don’t think our colors are as brilliant as normal either. Hang in there. Let’s starting thinking about dancing in the rain and being full of energy. 😀

    1. So, the colors not being very bright isn’t just my imagination! I wonder if it has to do with the extra dry summer or the lack of cold weather. I’ll have to look it up. Some rain would be good! Last weekend we walked by a small creek and there was no water in it, which seems weird for late October.

  2. I never seen or heard of a corn feeder. Brilliant design whoever thought of it.
    Don’s made a superb job of the deck railings. Looks like you have a lovely garden from the various photos you’ve shared over time.
    Perhaps you could photograph the whole garden in a series of photos so I could see it all one day.

    1. My garden could be lovely but it needs a lot of TLC! Everything is shaggy and overgrown and we have a big pile of yard debris and dead branches laying in the yard. It’s a shame because it has such potential. I’m just too tired to keep it up by myself. My husband keeps the front up nicely but we’re both overwhelmed with the back. It needs so much work. I would be embarrassed to show any more than small patches where things don’t look so bad!

  3. The new railings and pergola look great!

    I agree this fall hasn’t been as colorful, but I’ve noticed there is quite a bit of variation from year to year, so I don’t think it’s unusual. This year it seems like the leaves turned and fell more quickly, with a lot more brown.

    I’ve noticed the same thing with springs. Spring 2014 wasn’t too impressive I thought, but spring this year constantly dazzled me with how colorful and blooming it was. It was the prettiest spring we’ve had in several years in my opinion.

    1. Now that you mention it, it was a really pretty spring. So, warmer, drier weather must be good for spring but bad for fall. Or, maybe it’s the lack of crisp nights that’s responsible for the lack of bright autumn colors? I can’t remember my leaf science! I think all the brown edges and spots are from the drought because I noticed them this summer. It looks like the leaves on the native maples are going to fall off before they have a chance to turn orange. 😦

  4. My corn feeder is attached to the trunk of my oak tree, so the squirrels have all the easy access they want to it. I don’t think I even considered hanging it from something that squirrels couldn’t climb onto. They’ll get to it any way they can like Shorty is doing, but my advice would be to put that kind of corn feeder in a spot where they don’t have to do any tricky gymnastics to get to it. Save the fun for when you go out and get a bungee cob feeder! 🙂

    1. Okay, thanks! I thought I remembered seeing your corn cob feeder hanging against the trunk of the tree where they can just sit and chow. One of the babies and a couple of the most determined squirrels seem to have figured out a system but the rest of them apparently aren’t willing to work that hard. I’ll try lowering it a bit. And once they all develop a taste for corn, I will find a bungee cob feeder!

  5. That leaf photo you shared at the start is absolutely gorgeous! I know what you mean about the leaf colors this fall, many of ours here seem to have a lot of brown edges and spots on them. There’s still lots of color in my neighborhood though, so I’m happy it also seems to be lasting longer. Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling up to par. Gosh, that blood work sure is taking its time, hope you get some answers soon. I’ve been feeling frustrated with all of the monotonous duties and lack of energy I’ve had here as well, it doesn’t seem fair to be feeling this way when it’s my favorite time of the year. Your deck railing looks great! Well done, Don! I miss having a deck. Hope you had a nice weekend, and had the chance to go out and do something. I rebelled against all my responsibilities and engrossed myself in playing video games and catching up on my shows on the DVR. Hey, did you catch TWD last night? Omygosh…!

    1. TWD – I know! I’m still in shock and thinking that it can’t be, although I did pick up on the foreshadowing and had a bad, bad feeling. I hate that Nikolas guy almost as much as the governor now. I’m sad. Over a TV show, which is kinda silly! I was so tense throughout that episode and so frustrated by the cliff hanger end. TWD is so addicting but so not satisfying….

      I’m sorry you’re feeling frustrated with monotonous duties and lack of energy too. That combination doesn’t make for bliss, that’s for sure. Good for you for rebelling against responsibility and having some fun! I need to do more of that. I had a very busy weekend and now I feel really behind on email and blog comments and all that stuff. It seems I’m always falling behind in some area.

      Enjoy your longer-lasting fall color! I guess we just have to drink up all the autumn color we can, even with the brown edges and spots.

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