Monday. November. Blah.


Today I’ve got meal planning and grocery shopping ahead of me and I’m not feeling up to the task. My sinuses are not happy about the sudden onset of the rainy season and my body is feeling extra tender and achy. I feel pretty much like this llama/alpaca creature looks, only my ouchies are on the inside. And the llama has better hair. Mine is shaggy and my gray roots are showing. Looking in the mirror this morning made me very envious of all my furry friends. Just think how many beauty challenges wouldn’t exist if we were covered in fur too!

I also get the results of my blood and food allergy testing today and I’m nervous. I will found out if my morphea has morphed into a full-blown autoimmune disease. (More on the morphea soon.) I will find out if I’m allergic to all the foods I love. Probably I will find out that my cholesterol is still bad. Hopefully I will find out why I gained nine pounds in two months so I can do something about it before it happens again. I’m usually not so nervous about blood tests but I really am this time.

I’m sure I’ll feel better after the dreaded grocery shopping is over with and I take a few days to mourn the passing of another fall. Sure, I know that technically fall is only halfway over, but here November is more like the rest of our boring non-winters than it is fall. There are still leaves on the trees (all yellow now) but everything is very soggy from all the rain we had the past few days. Although my weather apps claimed we were having light rain this morning, Smarty and I got caught out in what my favorite meteorologist calls a “good old-fashioned soaker!”

The soggy season has definitely begun. It takes some adjusting to.


16 thoughts on “Monday. November. Blah.

  1. Good luck with the tests and test results. I so admire the way you deal with your ‘blah’ with such tenacity, courage and humour, Trisha. Lots and lots of love … Julie xxx

    1. That’s so funny! I don’t remember it but it might be what made me want a llama when I was a kid. I wanted one until I found out that llamas hate me. Just the sight of me makes them charge the fence! I’m sure I will now think of that video next time I have to go to the dentist. 🙂

  2. Oh dear, I hope your sinuses and achy body will feel better later in the day or at least by tomorrow. I have had those days, yuck. I do hope your blood work comes back with answers and better than expected. Wouldn’t that be a treat! And PS, That is one cute llama.

    1. Yes, we should! November takes a bit of mental adjustment, as well as physical. I always feel my body growing more sluggish throughout the month of November. Do you feel that too?

  3. Meal planning and grocery shopping are not fun at all, especially if you’ve got a family. Why does everyone have different taste and expect their idiosyncrasies in taste to be pandered to these days? When I was young you ate what was put in front of you. I don’t know whether your family have specific foods they like and expect to be on the dinner table, Trisha. On this subject I’m glad I’m single and have only my taste buds to satisfy.

    Will be keen to hear the results of your tests, Trisha.

    Back in 2004 my final result was Metabolic Syndrome and IBS and while some of my other tests were higher than normal, they were not enough to form a specific disease. Three times while strictly on the Paleo Diet (no grains or dairy) and high consumption of fresh salmon, I’ve dropped my overall cholesterol dramatically (so it can be done with diet), halved my triglycerides, but never managed to increased my HDL (good cholesterol) by any sizeable amount.

    Diet does make a difference. Of that I am 100% convinced, but it does take hard work, research and trial/error for the individual.

    I have a friend with CFS/FM who get more symptomatic every change of the season.

    Nice shot of the Llama.

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