Goodbye Eggs!


Yep. The food that I most didn’t want to be allergic to turned out to be the one that I am most allergic to! It’s not that I love eggs really, although I do like them. I mostly didn’t want to be allergic to them because they are a good meat-free source of protein for breakfast (I just can’t face a slab of dead animal in the morning) and they’re in everything, which makes being allergic to them very, very inconvenient.

I am also very allergic to almonds, which is another thing I was eating frequently. I love almond butter and almond flour is one of my favorite baking ingredients. Or, was. Almonds, along with eggs, must go.

I also discovered I am moderately allergic to sugar cane, bananas and pineapple and mildly allergic to soy, spelt, hazelnuts and walnuts. All of these surprise me, except sugar cane and hazelnuts. I suspected I had issues with those.

I am not allergic to chocolate but I may as well be because it always has sugar in it.

It could be worse but eating and cooking, both of which were a major pain in the ass before discovering these allergies, will now be even more of a challenge. I will have to make my own sugar-free ketchup. All the crock pot dishes that use soy are now out. Anything that anyone else makes: out. Eating out: pretty much out. The occasional treat out: out. I see lots of cooking in my future. 😦

That is, if I have a future. My cholesterol profile is still a mess. My triglycerides are through the roof, my good cholesterol is low and now my platelets are up again, which indicates my blood is getting thick and clumpy again. My big, bad family history of heart disease has its hooks into me and doesn’t want to let go.

Also, my liver count is up again after being better for several years. Looks like my body is up to its old tricks, whatever those are. And because of my vampire-like tendency to avoid the hot summer sun, my vitamin D is still low, despite taking supplements.

The good news is that my ANA test came back negative so my morphea hasn’t morphed into a full-blown autoimmune disease and I do not yet have any other autoimmune diseases. And my iron level is back up to normal.

I must go now, to search for egg, almond and etc-free recipes and to contemplate a Christmas without peppermint. Because peppermint, like chocolate, is always paired with sugar. But, hey, I still get oranges and I’m grateful for that!


29 thoughts on “Goodbye Eggs!

  1. I am sorry to hear that things are so hard right now. If it is any consolation there seems to be a lot more sugar free chocolate on the market now for diabetics but yes, life without eggs will be tough. They are hard to avoid.

    1. Yes, the eggs are hard to avoid and sugar is going to be harder than I thought. It’s in things I would never have expected, like taco seasoning and a cheese substitute that I like. I’m very sensitive to all artificial sweeteners so sugar-free versions of stuff are out for me. Just a piece of gum with artificial sweeteners (which is almost all of them) makes me very sick.

  2. Sorry to hear that news, Trisha.

    I wonder if you can tolerate free range organic eggs that have been fed a specific natural diet. I always react to Supermarket eggs and stopped eating them years ago. I have often got tachycardia from eggs and chickens and I think it is the food the chickens are fed, not the chickens per se.

    Same with other foods.

    Last time my liver tests were normal was Feb 2004 after I had severe diarrhoea for 10 days.

    I feel fantastic after a bout of diarrhoea or gastro, so I’m thinking that once my digestive tract is completely empty of whatever food is a problem, that’s why I feel good.

    Glad to hear you haven’t got an auto-immune disease, that would make life truly difficult.

    Do you feel you have to avoid all those allergic foods 100%? Or can you just have little bits occasionally to keep up some tolerance level?

    1. I’m supposed to completely avoid all my allergens for six weeks to let my gut heal. Then I can try small amount of the ones I’m more mildly allergic to. Dr. Huang said it would probably take longer for eggs and almonds, since I am so allergic to them. I’ve only eaten free-range organic eggs for years. After awhile, I might try to locate some eggs from a place that feeds their chickens something other than corn. Although I didn’t test positive for corn on this test, it’s the food I react the most noticeably to, maybe because almost all U.S. corn is genetically modified Frankencorn.

      1. I love corn but it causes my IBS bowel pain to be excruciating. I thought it might have been the fibre, but now you mention it, maybe it’s the corn fed to the chickens that gives me a prob. on supermarket produce. Hopefully, the allergen free diet for 6 weeks will make you feel much, much better. On the other hand, refraining from any consumption might you a terrible flare with just ingesting the tiniest amount after that 6 weeks. Keep me/us posted on how you go at the end of the 6 wks. I’m greatly interested in food intolerance/allergies. I suspect many of us (incl. healthy) are eating damaging food.

    1. Sorry you had to cut out gluten and dairy! I did that for awhile and found I missed little bits of dairy but not gluten, although it’s another thing that’s hard to completely avoid. Having food sensitivities on top of chronic illness seems so cruel. It causes so much extra work for the people the least able to handle it. 😦

        1. No, definitely not worth it. That’s how I feel about corn. It’s just not worth the itching it causes! I’ve found I can get away with a little gluten once in awhile but, most of the time, it’s just not worth it either.

  3. It seems the problem is you are allergic to food. Damn, what a list. I’ve managed to get by in life without the incredible, inedible egg… but I’d rather die than never be able to have things with sugar again. Sorry, but good luck trying to work around all this crap…

    1. I’m sure I’m going to go through major sugar withdrawals very soon! Every day I think of more and more things that I’m going to miss, and they’re all sugary. I’m probably a sugar addict. Knowing how much other people love sugar helps! I always want to punch the people that view sugar consumption with contempt. 🙂

    1. You might be. The symptoms can be so weird and sometimes so delayed that it’s not obvious they’re from certain foods. Corn makes my left foot and my right elbow itch. I itched and scratched for years until I cut out corn for awhile and then tried it again.

  4. Ugh, it’s always the ones we love the most, right? Sorry but here’s to (hopefully) improved health going forward.

  5. I didn’t actually “like” this post. So sorry to hear your lab results brought back so much bad news, Trisha. 😦
    I’m feeling your pain on finding out you’re allergic to almonds, I love my almond butter! I wonder if you could switch over to cashew butter instead (that’s equally as yummy) or if that would be an issue for you as well?
    Ugh, what a bother to have to change all those things in your diet, I hope it’s not too much of a hassle for you. I also hope that after cutting out all those foods you’re allergic to, those other concerning results from your heart and liver will improve.
    Good luck in your search for substitutes. Hey, maybe you’ll discover some new and delicious things!
    Hugs to you my friend! ❤

    1. Yum, I will try cashew butter! I’ve had some before but I just used it to make a healthy version of ginger molasses cookies and didn’t eat it on other things because I love almond butter so much.

      I hope I can discover some new and delicious things. I will have to try to create an allergy free version of peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattes or I will get bitter and resentful during the holiday season. I usually treat myself to a few visits to Starbucks. I’m already missing peppermint and the season for it hasn’t even begun!

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