Thirteen Years of Trouble (and Scooby)


In early November 2002, we brought home two kittens from the shelter, even though we already had more cats than anyone who isn’t a crazy cat person has. Trouble, the black and white tuxedo cat, was supposed to be Michael’s kitten. Scooby, the gray and black tabby, was supposed to be Daniel’s. They, of course, had other ideas!

It still blows my mind that anyone could abandon these two cute little kittens. (They were found together on the side of the road.) They were so darn cute and so sweet. Trouble was really friendly, which is why Michael chose him. Scooby was more shy but also really sweet.


Sure, they could be troublemakers. Trouble shredded all the curtains his first few days here and Scooby got himself into all kinds of crazy predicaments. As adolescents they became terrible bullies. They drove one of our cats away (she moved in with a little girl down the street) and relentlessly terrorized poor, passive Frosty any time his mom wasn’t around to protect him.

And loyal they are not! Trouble quickly abandoned Michael to become my cat and Scooby abandoned Daniel to become Michael’s cat. He was completely devoted to Michael until a few years ago when he seemed to have an epiphany something along the lines of, “hey, that Mom chick does lots of stuff for me. I think I’ll hang with her now!”

They both have moments where they seem fierce, blood-thirsty and possessed by evil. Trouble is showing his displeased face below. This look can quickly turn into his I’m-going-to-eat-you-when-you’re-dead look.


But they both have so many loving moments and endearing qualities. Trouble is cuddly and talkative and Scooby is sweet, funny and very kitten-like, always finding strange places to make himself a nest. If there’s an open space, he can’t resist climbing in.


Although they were inseparable as kittens, they grew apart and Scooby can’t stand the sight of Trouble, who is a clueless nerd about personal space. Their battles usually end with Scooby walking off in a huff and Trouble laying down where he intended to all along, seemingly clueless that he was just in a battle.

It seems impossible that it’s been thirteen years since we brought them home, although so much has changed since then. The boys (human) have grown from little kids to teenagers. We got a dog, she became the center of the family (liking Baby more than each other is something Trouble and Scooby could agree on!) and then we lost her. We lost our cats Butter, Junkie and Sassafras. We got another dog. Michael graduated and started college.

It also seems impossible that Trouble and Scooby are old men now. Cat age calculators say they are 68-years-old. Time really does fly by.

Happy anniversary kitty boys! I hope we have many more years together.


12 thoughts on “Thirteen Years of Trouble (and Scooby)

  1. Cats are such fascinating animals aren’t they? I was watching a documentary about them recently and one of the things they talked about was that cats in domestic situations often prefer the company of other species to their own. Certainly all our cats have liked our dogs better than each other except when we have had litter mates. I’m sure that Trouble and Scooby have given you a lot of pleasure over the years just as our cats did us. It is true that they are not good around wildlife although I’m sure that’s true in any country. I would not give up keeping cats though. I just try to keep Polly inside unless she is with me.

    1. Cats are fascinating animals! I didn’t know that they often prefer other species to their own. I thought my cats were a bit odd for the way they loved our previous dog, although she was very respectful of them. I’ve had at least one cat since I was 7-years-old. I can’t imagine life without a cat but my husband says the cats we have now are the last. We’ll see….

  2. Lovely story about your pet friends through the years. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with all my pets in the past (two cats and one dog). Long story. Now I have three of my daughter’s cats residing here. I cat-proofed the house before they moved in so they don’t knock anything over when they’re madly chasing each other, but how can you hide a couch. Two of them prefer to scratch its corners, instead of using the scratching post. It goes on and on…not to mention the barf I step in sometimes.

    1. I understand! Our oldest cat, Frosty, has ruined two couches. The one we have now is fake leather and it’s pretty scratched up but we’re not going to replace it as long as Frosty is around because he peed on the last two. And the barf – yuck! I stepped in a watery puddle of it last week. Not fun.

  3. Thanks for posting their kitten pictures! They were so adorable… Trouble looks a lot like Ody did when he was a kitten. So assuming the more famous feline doesn’t have some kind of exclusive trademark on it, I think a movie about “Grumpy Old Cats” is in order for these two. Which one would be Jack Lemmon and which one Walter Matthau?

    1. When I saw your pictures of Ody I thought he looked a lot like Trouble. I’ve never seen Grumpy Old Men so I’ll have to watch it to see which character my cats would be! We’ve had several cats get up into their late teens and they’ve all gotten really grumpy. With Trouble and Scooby’s mean streak, living with them as really grumpy, really old men should be interesting!

  4. My two are 12 and 15. Most times they ignore each other, but every so often they can be found cuddled together. Or beating each other up. 😀

    1. Sound like they have a love/hate relationship! I think Trouble would like it if we had another cat that would allow him to cuddle. He tries with our oldest cat but Frosty doesn’t really appreciate it.

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