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Feeder for Two


The other morning I got a kick out of watching these two squirrels sharing the new swing feeder on the deck. They looked very cozy sitting there together but the sounds coming from outside told a different story. There was a lot of squeaking and squawking coming from that side of the deck, although neither of the disgruntled diners were willing to leave their breakfast long enough to chase the other off.

They shuffled and climbed and around one another while continuing to chow down, even reaching under each other to get bites of food.


Finally, they’d had their fill of food and of each other and they scuffled around so violently that they turned the feeder over, tipping them both out. Then the chase was on!


10 thoughts on “Feeder for Two

    1. The way they acted made me wonder if they are siblings, although even with their squabbling they were more harmonious than my kitty or human brothers would be if they had to sit that close!

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