Bed Hair


Apparently squirrels get it too!

I was hoping to catch up on my blog reading and comments this morning but the sun is out and, according to my weather apps, we may only see it once more in the next ten days. So, I’m going to get outside while the gettin’ is good.


16 thoughts on “Bed Hair

    1. Sunny days are such a blessing this time of year! I’m always grateful when I don’t have any set plans and I feel well enough to get out to enjoy them. It was great to get out yesterday.

  1. I did the same yesterday Trisha. Our weather is so changeable this week, that, even though I was tired yesterday, I set off for a long walk in the gorgeous sunshine.

    1. That’s how I felt. I really needed to rest after a few very busy days but I just couldn’t not get out while the weather was decent. I’ll rest while it rains!

  2. I went out to take photos at a park for an upcoming preview and it was beautiful out while I was there. I knew I had to make the most of the break in the weather because it could be at least a week before we see the sun again. November is not an easy month for my preview photography!

    1. No, I would think November hasn’t been easy for park previews! I’d only taken just a couple of squirrel photos until I finally got out with my camera on Wednesday. I was happy to see some dry days coming up at the end of next week. I hope that forecast doesn’t change. I’m really missing outside!

      1. This time of year they can’t accurately predict that far ahead, so I never count on dry or sun until the prediction is within a couple days. Otherwise getting my hopes up is an exercise in frustration! I always tell myself, “November is only one month, have patience.” Though December can often be almost as gloomy.

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