Colors of November


Wednesday morning, after many, many days of dark, gloomy skies and rain, the sun finally came out. I knew it wouldn’t last long so I grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and drove away, leaving responsibility and all those pesky should-do things behind.

I first went to Buffalo Park in Mill Creek, which I found on Google Maps. Although I wasn’t expecting much since I knew the park had to be near a bunch of new condos, I was still disappointed. The “park” is no more than a small grassy area with a playground for the condo residents. I didn’t even get out of my car.

I didn’t have long before lunchtime so I drove to Willis Tucker Park, which is the closest park to my house but is a place I’ve always found lacking in photo opportunities. From riding my bike up there one day last week, I knew that the maple and oak trees were turning so I thought I could take photos of those if I couldn’t find any other color.


To my surprise, I found lots of color. There were so many colorful leaves that some of the photos turned out rather eye assaultingly bright. Click on any image to see a larger version but be warned; the backgrounds are quite busy and bright. For some reason, my lens wasn’t blurring well that day. Still, I was happy to find so much color in November!


6 thoughts on “Colors of November

  1. Beautiful! I’m so glad you got to make the most of the sun and fall colors. Every year I’m always surprised at how many colorful leaves are still on trees in November. It’s such a bleak month that I always have a mental image of dark gray sky and bare branches. But the colors are still pretty good at the beginning of the month.

  2. I love the rich warm colours of November. It seems like the leaves are hanging around longer than normal. Must have to do with the above normal temperatures that we’re experiencing.

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