seasonal changes

Finally Frost!


Every fall, I impatiently await the first frost of the season. This past Monday, a light frost finally! appeared on the rooftops of the houses in my neighborhood. Leaves and grass in open areas also got a layer of my favorite white substance.

Please do me a favor and pretend the leaf with the frosted veins is in focus! Smarty kept pulling on my hand….


I was amazed by the swirling pattern of frost on the cars down the street…and a little jealous that my car didn’t get decorated by frost.


Frosty is my favorite weather! I like snow but we so rarely get it and, when we do, it’s almost always wet, slushy and melts within a few hours, which is totally depressing. Plus, frost occurs on sunny days and often comes along with beautiful, magical winter sunrises. I love watching my little window of sky grow lighter, brighter and more colorful against the silhouette of the birch tree in my back yard.


We had another light frost yesterday morning and it looks like some clear, cold weather is coming. I’m so excited! As far as I’m concerned, the colder and frostier the better.

I’m ready for overnight lows in the 20’s!

I hope my ancient furnace is ready too.


17 thoughts on “Finally Frost!

  1. I love the photo of the frost patterns on glass!

    I laughed about Smarty pulling on you. I went through thirteen years of trying to take photos with a dog leash in hand. It’s a skill! One trick I used was to put the leash on the ground and step on it. That way any tugging came at my foot instead of my camera and hand. Not foolproof, but it often helped.

    1. Dogs – they expect us to wait patiently while they stop to sniff or pee on things but they sure aren’t patient when we want to stop for anything! I’ll have to remember to step on the leash next time. That would be most helpful for focus!

  2. Frost is quite pretty to look at, even when out of focus! But the exception is when it’s 7 AM and I so badly want to just get home after working all night, but I have 20 inches of frost on my windows because my store’s on the outskirts of town that seems to be constantly frosty and/or foggy on Fall and Winter mornings. As much as I don’t mind winter, it can keep the frost! Or at least keep it off of my car!

  3. Lovely Trisha.
    And what a marvellous silhouette that last photo is.

    If we got lovely frosty patterns like that, I’m sure I would be excited too. Ours are boring. When I see them. Which is pretty rare.

    1. We don’t usually get frosty patterns like that either. I’m not sure what conditions caused the frost to do that. It was colder and frostier this morning but there weren’t any patterns. I’m glad I captured it when I did!

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