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Orange, Green and a Pumpkin-less Thanksgiving


The theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is orange and green. With all the pumpkin and fall leaf shots I took this fall, I had a few photos that fit the theme.



DSC06045The thought of pumpkins just isn’t making me as happy as it did before I found out I was allergic to eggs and cane sugar. Have you ever tried making gluten-free, vegan pumpkin bread? I’ve tried three times in the past three weeks. I forgot to add the pumpkin the first time so that loaf didn’t turn out well, although looking back it was probably the best textured and flavored bread of the bunch! The second time I used the same recipe and remembered to add the pumpkin. It had no flavor and was heavy and mushy. For the last attempt, I used a recipe from a trusted author and recipe developer. That loaf turned out so heavy that I considered putting it on the garbage can lid to hold it down during Tuesday’s windstorm. Seriously. Pumpkin + vegan + gluten-free = at least two pounds of yuck.

I’m going to attempt a vegan pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving but my expectations are pretty low. This may be my first pumpkin-less Thanksgiving.

I think I’m ready to move onto cranberry-orange anyway.


10 thoughts on “Orange, Green and a Pumpkin-less Thanksgiving

  1. Reading your recipe I think trying to made bread without eggs or yeast would be very hard. I follow a GF diet never thought about making bread without eggs.You could make a yeast bread without eggs. Good luck with your pie. For crust I would used a mixture of other flours and Fluffo for the shorting.

    1. Making a yeast bread is a good idea! Now that you’ve got me thinking about it, the only vegan bread recipe I ever made that turned out good uses yeast. Thank you for the suggestion! I do have a good gluten-free pie crust recipe that uses pecans. If my pumpkin pie recipe turns out good, I will share it.

  2. Such wonderful colour and a lovely series of images.

    Have you done a Google search on Vegan, gluten-free pumpkin pie? Sometimes I find I get some good answers from Mr Google (depending on how I word my query). This is the first site that came up when I did a search Sometimes I think I’d be lost without my computer. I’m forever asking the meaning or how to spell words these days. My Brain Fog seems to be worse than ever. Takes me hours to write a long post.

    I have a wonderful recipe variation of my Mother’s pumpkin quiche recipe, but it has eggs and dairy. I haven’t made it in about 10-12 years as I’m not a big fan of dairy. The base is made with wholemeal flour, olive oil and dried herbs. Once again I avoid gluten/wheat about 97%.

    I remember having a wonderful recipe for a pumping pie/slice that had pumpkin, pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and rice as the main ingredients. Now that would have suited you, but it’s long gone into the mists of time as I cook so little these days. I think I gave away my gluten-free cookery book last year.

    It’s so hard to cook when you have allergies or food intolerances. I’m not as strict as I used to be and certainly my lethargy/brain fog is worse as a result.

    1. That pumpkin pie filling seems like it would work. I found one in gluten-free, dairy-free cookbook I have and I’m going to try it first because I already bought a sugar pie pumpkin for it. (it calls for hot pumpkin puree) If it’s not absolutely fantastic I’ll try that one from the minimalist baker. I’m sure it’s healthier to use fresh pumpkin instead of canned but everything I eat has to be cooked from scratch so I’m happy to find any shortcut I can and baking a pumpkin before baking a pie is just one more step I don’t need. Thank you for looking that up for me!

      It is hard to cook when you have allergies and food intolerances and even harder to find things that you don’t have to spend an hour in the kitchen cooking. We got takeout last night and I suffered with pain and discomfort all night because of it. There’s nothing I can get that doesn’t have something in it that I’m either allergic to or increases my inflammation. I’m sure gluten and dairy increase my brain fog but I don’t avoid them 100%. It’s just so much work.

      1. I followed the Paleo Diet 100%(dairy/grain/process free) twice and am still a big fan, but as you say, it’s so much work (and much more money for me) to follow fresh 100%. I’ve never ever heard of canned pumpkin. Do you mean to say it’s in your shops. We can get pumpkin soup and other processed foods in sachets or canned (or frozen) but the simple canned foods with no sauces/added flavours are much fewer on the shelves these days I notice.

        I had a very heated discussion with my original Endocrinologist about the subject of processed food. After the first visit to her, she was going on & on about reading the food labels in the supermarket. I said I didm’t need to read the labels. She said I did. I said I eat nearly all fresh food and she obviously didn’t believe me. The rare processed food I might buy – the labels are thoroughly read by my eyes before it ever goes into my shopping trolley. If I buys biscuits or processed food, I KNOW I am going to feel the effects afterwards. I find it really hard to shop as I’m often too tired and without a car I just can’t always go where I prefer to shop. I KNOW wheat increases my lethargy and too much will make me sometimes even get quite irritated & manic OR fall asleep within about 20 mins. I’m not sure if it is the wheat or additives/preservatives, yeast and other ingredients. I’m better with sourdough or freshly made artisan breads from an organic stall certainly.

        At the moment I’m trying to eat only fresh fruit, veg, salad, herbs & meat/fish with just a few eggs & walnuts & Quinoa. I’m not a fan of eggs but I eat them for a cheap protein.

        1. Oh, yes, we have canned pumpkin here and that’s the kind almost everyone uses. The Standard American Diet (how ironic that it’s SAD!) doesn’t use fresh food. To most people here, food comes out of a box or can. That’s all they know. When I make real, whole food dishes, no one in our extended family will touch them. They’re “weird.” It’s terrible how we’ve allowed big food companies to take over dietary recommendations.

          1. Westerners are so used to high salt, high additives and artificial flavourings that they find real fresh food bland. Secondly, most people can’t cook any more. About 40 years ago I worked with a lady who didn’t know how to boil an egg when she got married and her husband had to teach her. She was the youngest of 5 girls and her older sisters did the cooking when she was growing up.

            Back when I was working I had dinner on the table in 20 minutes and it was all fresh food and grilled meat (or fish), so saying they haven’t got time to cook is rubbish.

            I think people (in general) have got their life priorities wrong.

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