November Sunset


On my way home from the library in Snohomish, I saw the sun dipping behind the hill across the valley and I made a last-minute and possibly reckless turn into Harvey Field to capture it. The sun seems to sink so fast this time of year!

By the time I got parked and wrestled my camera out of the bag, it was really too dark to capture the planes. You can kind of almost see them….


It’s interesting how different sunsets in the valley are now, compared to what they were like this summer. With the sun setting so far south on the closer portion of the hill, the valley seems smaller and the sun doesn’t make the whole valley glow with golden light the way it did in June. It should be easier to find things to silhouette against the sun though, so I hope to have the chance to do that soon. The timing of sunset is more convenient now too. I can be out at sunset and back home in time to make dinner. Just one more thing I appreciate about these short days!


2 thoughts on “November Sunset

    1. I found it at the library on Thursday! I haven’t had a chance to start it yet but I think I will have time this afternoon. I’m so looking forward to it! Thank you for telling me about it (and offering to send it!)

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