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Laceleaf Light


Through windstorms and crisp, freezing nights, the Lace Leaf Maple in my backyard has somehow held onto its leaves. When the morning sun hits them, they glow like the tree is radiating its own inner light. I’ve been out with camera several times trying to capture the glory of this tree but it’s difficult with the intensity of the light and shadows and some of the stuff in the background – ugly, rotting garden shed, fence that causes a striped background, the neighbor’s chain link. Plus, the area is one of Smarty’s favorite pooping spots, so moving around is not without certain perils.


I love the way the leaves in the photos above have joined together inside of a water droplet. It looks like they are holding hands, ready to take their plunge to the ground together when their time comes.



Today I am making yet another trip to yet another grocery store to hunt down ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner. It really shouldn’t be so hard to find organic whipping cream and organic cranberries. Our local stores suck! I’m also baking gluten-free, vegan rolls and attempting another vegan pumpkin pie recipe. I’ll probably also make pumpkin bread for the boys, if my hip and low back can tolerate standing in the kitchen long enough.

In between kitchen projects, I’m hoping to get outside, to search for beauty and for my gratitude and joy, which seem to have gone into hiding. The holidays do that to me. They make me miss my grandparents and grieve for the big, happy, unbroken family that I never had. The beauty of nature is the cure for that. Watching the golden light dance through the leaves, the squirrels sitting in my yard, tails adorably up, and the chickadees flitting in the trees can always turn my sadness into gratitude.


12 thoughts on “Laceleaf Light

  1. Love those big drops of rain. Such wonderful Autumn leaves too. Love this series.

    As to your shopping, there’s actually some fresh food that one (supposedly) doesn’t need to buy organic as they don’t have the colossal number of pesticides etc.

    I tried to use that list last Saturday when I shopped at the supermarket. There was a street festival and the main road was closed so I couldn’t get to the organic market stall. Needless to say, I ended up throwing the Broccolini I bought out, as it went yellow in 2 days – so much for fresh – it tasted disgusting too. Very metallic to me. And the supermarket tomatoes and cucumber were absolutely tasteless. Last time I buy non-organic food. 😀 Just as well I have herbs & salad leaves in my balcony potted garden that taste decent.

    I think part of the reason I like organic is that I steam or cook very simple meals and it has so much flavour (as well as the environmental issues). I think that despite the high cost in Australia, organic, or at least farmers market food, is worth every cent.

    1. After eating organic foods, conventionally grown fruits and veggies do seem very lacking in flavor to me too. Except for apples. Whatever they put on non-organic apples preserves them and keeps them from getting mushy. Unfortunately, I think apples top the list of things that you should buy organic. 😦

      Sorry about your Broccolini! I’ve had to throw out a lot of things too. It’s so disappointing and feels like such a waste.

      Yesterday, I was horrified to see how high they’ve jacked up the prices of everything organic. It must be something they do for the holidays because I normally don’t find the price of organic to be so much higher than non-organic. It’s terrible that stores can do this!

      1. I compared my organic prices in Melbourne to a blogging friend in the US and she was horrified at how expensive it was here.

        Depending on the season and glut or scarcity, organic is about 2 1/2 to 3 times more expensive. An organic chicken from the large fresh food market is about $35 each. You can get an ordinary chicken (with all it’s horrible fat & growth hormones) on special in a supermarket for about $8. I’ve even seen 2 baby chickens for $8 in a supermarket. But by the time you put out the hidden fat and guts, it barely becomes one meal and the fat dropping out of it when cooking is horrifying. A good fresh chicken from a farmer’s market (not organic) is much better and hardly any fat. It seems to taste better even though it’s not organic. A farmer’s market is the way to go here and I have one every fortnight around the bend in the river (10 mins walk). Not a lot of variety but at least many of the open air stalls are seasonal food straight from a farm, not imported from China or Brazil.

        I did find oranges, plain potatoes and bananas on the organic stall LESS than the supermarket 2 weeks ago, so there must be a glut.

        Yes, our food prices go up in holiday season too. Meat (especially red meat) is very expensive for me (living on a frugal pension).

        Broccoli (or the smaller Broccolini) is supposed to be one of the fresh foods that has little pesticide and contamination, but I can really taste the difference. I don’t have the time or interest catching public transport to do 2 different lots of shopping. If I had and could afford to run a car that would be different. I either go to the supermarket to buy cleaning/non- perishable stuff and might buy a few much needed veg or fruit (which I hate) or do one trip to the big fresh food market buy all fruit/veg organic (with a few things like Quinoa or organic nuts on their shelves). I find food shopping boring these days as my pension doesn’t stretch to many treats. My brother bought me some beautiful commercially grown apples from the supermarket after I cam out of hospital 6 months ago, but I have yet to find them again. I don’t mind non-organic oranges, onions or potatoes, I can’t taste the difference. for basics. But when it gets to heirloom varieties of potatoes, the organic ones are devine in taste. Just like my Mother’s home grown when we were children..

  2. Beautiful. I especially like the second and fourth photos. The colors in the second one look like a professional decorator did the work because of the dark brown background instead of a more typical green.

  3. Beautiful photos Trisha! I hope your hunt for ingredients was successful and that you had a nice Thanksgiving. I also hope got the chance to get outside and enjoy some more of that golden light dancing through the leaves ❤

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