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I captured a series of photos of Shorty, who may be becoming the world’s most photographed squirrel, stuffing his face with peanuts.




Maybe it’s the cold weather, or maybe the squirrels wanted to participate in some Thanksgiving feasting of their own, but their appetites have increased dramatically! When I open the door, little faces pop up everywhere and they all come running. Some of them are getting a little grabby too. Don just came to tell me that one got ahold of his finger and didn’t want to let go.

Our Thanksgiving feast was…okay. I had a migraine and just wasn’t really in the spirit. All the food turned out good though…except the two most important things, the turkey and the stuffing. For a variety of reasons, the turkey got overcooked and was a little dry. The stuffing just wasn’t the kind we like. All the good kinds have soybean oil or corn and I didn’t have the time or energy to hunt down a bread that I can eat to make my own from scratch.

To my great surprise, the vegan pumpkin pie was fabulous!


It set up properly, had good texture and the pecan crust was delicious. And it being gluten-free, refined sugar-free and vegan, no one else wants to try it so I don’t have to share!

It’s probably a very good thing that it’s a pretty labor intensive pie. Since I like a big dollop of whipping cream on it, it’s something I shouldn’t eat more than once or twice a year. Unlike the squirrels, I can’t get away with constant feasting.

Today is another beautiful day here the Pacific Northwest and I’m hoping to get out to enjoy it, right after I stock up on squirrel food. I’ve got to brave Costco because those little guys are burning through the little bags of peanuts way too fast!


8 thoughts on “Face-Stuffing!

  1. You must be so happy that the pumpkin pie was tasty. With one success under your belt, Christmas desserts will be a whiz. Always love to see photos of Shorty. What a beauty!

  2. Aw Shorty is so cute stuffing his face! And your pie looks yummy, I’m so glad it turned out! Sorry to hear about the turkey being dry, we slow cooked ours overnight on really low heat (never tried it that way before) and it was so tender and moist it fell apart as I carved it. I think I’ll make it that way from now on. Ew good luck at Costco, hope you got to enjoy some of the lovely day 🙂

  3. I get some pretty chubby squirrels around here every winter. I wouldn’t want to be jumping around through the trees carrying all that extra weight around, but I also wouldn’t want to leave my nest if it got below zero for a week straight. Shorty’s winter fluff is coming in nicely! I’m sure he doesn’t mind being the internet’s most famous squirrel model…

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