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November Moments


What a month! It started off so good. Don and I had just paid off the last of our debt (except for the house) and were ready to start the next baby step in the Total Money Makeover plan. Then, November happened! We broke the rules of the plan and bought new carpet because Smarty was having so much difficulty standing up on our slippery laminate floors. The day the carpet was installed, Daniel came home from school with a really bad toothache. After an emergency dentist appointment, we found out he needs two root canals, two crowns and some other fillings. The first root canal wiped out all the money we had set aside for medical expenses. Then bills started rolling in from the chiropractor, sports medicine doctor and physical therapist that Michael has been seeing since his car accident. It seems he has exceeded the limit of what auto insurance will cover. There goes any hope of starting our next baby step in the plan, at least for a few months. :/

Add to that the discovery that I’m allergic to a bunch of foods and now have a hell of a time finding foods I can eat, a coyote sighting at the house across the street in the broad daylight, and a grisly discovery in our driveway (more on that later), and November ended on a much more stressful note than it began.

But there were good moments. We had two good November storms (I like storms, plus the worry about drought has lessened in this part of the state) and, despite having above average rainfall for the month, we had a couple of weeks of the dry, lovely, sunny, beautiful, crisp, frosty weather that I love so much and I was able to get out to enjoy it a few times.

Here are some of the moments I captured in November. Click on any image to enlarge it.


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