bird watching

Fluttering Through


The day before the sun went into permanent hibernation here, I had the lovely experience of a flock of Bushtits fluttering about in a bush right above my head while I was out on a photo walk. Although this little guy looks plump, Bushtits are tiny birds, much smaller than a Chickadee. They always travel and forage in flocks and they’re constantly on the move, tweeting and twittering as they flutter from branch to branch, bush to bush.  I can tell this one is a male because the females have light yellow eyes. Although the shadow across the little guy’s chest is unfortunate, I feel lucky to have captured him at all. Most of the shots I snapped revealed an empty frame. By the time I found one through my lens, it was already gone.


18 thoughts on “Fluttering Through

    1. Me too! And not just in a Beavis & Butthead way (huh huh! Bush…. tits! Huh huh), but because the first time I read it, I thought we were going to see pictures of a flock of BS!

      Oops! I see that the bushtit is not amused at my sense of humor!

  1. I know that feeling of ’empty’ frame so well when trying to photograph some of the smaller birds in my own area.
    I’ve almost given up on bird photography in my new home location.

    Looks like the Bushtit has very downy soft feathers.

    1. They do look so soft and downy. I just wanted to scoop him up in my hand!

      I’ve mostly resigned myself to not getting many bird photos, except for ones of the birds that come really close. I’ve got a photo of a Pine Siskin to share sometime this week. It let me walk right up to it!

  2. Like Vicki, I was struck by the bushtit’s feathers – almost looks like fur. It’s not easy getting photos of things that won’t keep still, and always a wonderful surprise when you go through later and see you got a decent shot. 🙂

  3. I love bushtits. But they are almost impossible to photograph. They literally move faster than the human eye can follow. So great job on capturing one! (I finally got a couple pics in September and was thrilled.)

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