Baby, It’s Blah Outside

Go ahead, believe in Santa and magic! Just don’t hold your breath waiting for that winter wonderland the songs describe.


To be fitting for our experience on the West Coast of the U.S., Christmas would need to undergo some major changes.

For starters, Santa’s sleigh would have to go. Sleighs, sleds and snowmobiles are useless here, unless you go up into the mountains. We don’t get much, if any, snow during the winter and, if some does fall, it’s never over Christmas. No, Santa would be better off buying a four wheel drive with big mud tires here. And he maybe should tow a boat behind it, in case we have one of those atmospheric river events that dump massive amounts of rain on us. Families in floody areas might need rescuing more than they need presents under their tree.

Santa’s red, fur-lined suit is completely inappropriate too. It would be too hot and not nearly waterproof enough. The rain gear worn by road construction crews would be much more comfortable for Santa. Or, if he’s feeling outdoorsy, he could pick up some camo hunting gear from Cabela’s. He definitely should buy some hip waders while he’s there.

Instead of Frosty the Snowman, movies, songs and stories should be about Drippy the Puddlestomper. Jack Frost should be Jim Rain. Santa’s reindeer might not die in our mild climate, but I doubt they would be happy either. A team of slugs would probably be more joyful companions for Santa.

The songs would need to change too.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow should be Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let it Rain.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year should be It’s the Most Dreariest Time of the Year.

Instead of Baby, It’s Cold Outside it could be Baby, It’s Blah Outside and the cozy couple could share some Prozac. (Although I’m all for banning that annoying song altogether.)

And for the songs with less descriptive titles, like The Christmas Song, we could just change the lyrics:

Wet shoes drying on the heater vent. Depression eating at your soul.

Although lots of rain and clouds and gloomy days are the norm for us here in November and December, this year has been exceptionally rainy. Seattle is getting close to breaking the record for the wettest December on record and Portland already has. Cruelly, there are a few flakes in the forecast for Christmas morning, a sure setup to disappoint lots of kids around the area. Why do we set them up for disappointment? Why not just change Christmas traditions to fit the climate so kids are all excited for a visit from Drippy the Puddlestomper? Maybe if I had grown up with reasonable expectations for Christmas and winter, I wouldn’t feel so blah now. I could put up a team of lighted slugs on my lawn and feel happy that nature is delivering exactly what it’s supposed to!


10 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Blah Outside

    1. Looking at some online weather stories, it looks like it’s colder here than in the east and Midwest, which is very strange. Usually, we’re sitting in the upper 40’s while everyone else is freezing their buns off!

  1. Jim Rain and Drippy the Puddle Stomper would fit in well here this year. Wednesday it not only stormed (the first time I’ve EVER heard thunder in the month of December), but flat out poured… so I had a Christmas lake in my backyard again. We’ve had plenty of green Christmases in my lifetime, but never a…. well, what color would you use for a wet Christmas?

    1. I’ve been trying to decide what color it is out there in the sogginess but no color name really describes it. It’s just yucky and blah! Maybe little Christmas boats should become a thing. We could float them in the lakes and puddles. 🙂

  2. As someone who lives south of PDX, I’m with you. This December has been crazy wet.

    My company’s main office is in Minneapolis and I told them not to expect me to travel back there until July or August. My winter outer wear consists of a hoodie and a wind breaker. They think I’m kidding.

    Shall we meet for an ark design meeting? 😀

    1. If the rainy weather were to continue, I definitely think we should meet for an ark design meeting! The break we’re having this week makes me hopeful. Some sunshine and still warm enough for a hoodie and wind breaker to be enough – it sounds wonderful!

  3. I’m just now finding the desire to get out and find internet after the holiday busyness, so getting caught up. This post really made me laugh. Though I beg of you, can we please use ducks and not slugs? Slugs are so ick!

    The forecast for the next few days looks great. I might actually get out to a park for the first time since November.

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