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Christmas Moments


My teenage boys never cooperate for picture taking so I was overjoyed when Daniel agreed to pose in front of the Christmas tree with Smarty. I even caught Smarty giving Daniel a kiss.


Michael is less willing to pose so I had to catch him while he was opening a present.


Smarty doesn’t seem to care about toys very much so I was surprised when he got a little excited about ripping paper off the toys we bought him. He even chewed on his rope for a little while, although he hasn’t shown any interest in it since.


For the first time ever, we went out to dinner on Christmas Eve. The restaurant (Azul in Mill Creek) was cozy with Christmas decorations and candles and dinner looked like this.


Carne Asada – yum! And no dishes afterward. We decided going out is our new Christmas Eve tradition.

Another nice surprise was that we were able to drag the boys away from their xBoxes long enough to play a board game on Christmas Eve. Monopoly was the only half-way interesting game we had so we played that. As usual, it went on too long, even with the dice that was supposed to speed things up. It was the first Christmas Eve in quite a long time that I didn’t fall asleep in front of It’s a Wonderful Life. (What is it about black and white that makes one so sleepy?)

I always enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I’m not sure why I dread them beforehand.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Moments

  1. What lovely photos to enjoy and treasure.
    And what a great idea going out for dinner. The no cooking, no washing up and so on really appeals to me (not that I have a lot of dishes for one).

    I was treated to lunch & dinner made for me for 4 days up the country, but I ate so much I’m not used too so my clothes are tight.

  2. I can’t wait to see the pictures of your squirrels opening up their presents!

    OMG, board games! They are still being played! I remember when I was a kid sometimes that was all there was for me and my sisters to do!

    1. If I didn’t have a dog, I think I could eventually have a squirrel Christmas party. They were beginning to venture in when it was still warm and I left the back door open all the time. And now I’m wondering what they would do if I wrapped up some peanuts in wrapping paper. How cute would that be if they unwrapped presents? I think I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

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