Hello, Jack Frost!


The jet stream has finally diverted to some other part of the continent, sending the constant clouds, gloom and rain elsewhere.

This morning I woke up to the distant glow of sun and a sparkly coating of frost on everything. It’s so beautiful! And it’s been so, so long since we’ve seen clear skies for more than an hour here and there. I actually took this photo on the last day of our last sunny streak – a month ago on November 30th.


12 thoughts on “Hello, Jack Frost!

  1. I never thought I’d long for cold weather, but after I jogged in shorts on Thanksgiving and we had a sunny, mild, and snowless Christmas, I’m glad it’s finally below freezing in Northeast Indiana.

    Great photo, btw.

  2. The leaves almost look like they’re green and blue! That’s really cool!

    I’m now waiting for the jet stream to divert the clouds away from here so I can hopefully get a good, clear sunny day next week to make a winter photo trip to the park and add to my squirrel archive!

    1. Why the leaves look blue is a mystery to me. Another picture I took on that day is entirely blue, aside from some red berries. I have no idea how it happened!

      I hope you get that sun so you can get your squirrel pictures and so your squirrels can dry out after all that rain!

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