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A Cold Hour in Mukilteo


On New Year’s Day, we loaded Smarty up in the car and went down to Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. The tide was out and the rocks over soft sand were hard for Smarty to walk on, but that didn’t stop him from getting all hyped up about the water. I made the mistake of throwing a rock into the water and he nearly pulled Don over trying to get to it!

For the first time since we got him, we let him off the leash to go into the water. The waterlogged sticks Don threw for him sunk, so he brought back huge rocks. He was so excited and happy. I think his former owner must have taken him to the water to play fetch quite a bit and I feel bad that we haven’t done so until now. He was very good off leash and stayed close to us the whole time.

I snapped a few pictures with my new 30mm lens but, unfortunately, didn’t think to put the lens hood on and ended up with a lot of lens flares.




I still consider the trip a success because we had such a happy dog!


I quickly snapped a few shots at the lighthouse before getting our cold, wet, but very happy dog back into the warm car.



For more photos and information on Mukilteo Lighthouse Park, visit Park Preview’s On the Road: Mukilteo Lighthouse Park.


8 thoughts on “A Cold Hour in Mukilteo

    1. I was very happy with how the 2nd to last photo turned out. I just snapped in a hurry and selected that perspective because it got in the ferry, part of the lighthouse and Mt. Baker in the distance. Having it turn out so well was a surprise!

  1. Labradors do seem to love water don’t they? Cindy always liked to take a dip to cool off after chasing a ball around at the dog park. Our previous dogs all liked the water too and as we lived near the beach chasing balls in the water was a favourite activity.

    1. Labradors do seem to love the water! They’re the dogs we see most often chasing things in the water at the beach. We’ll have to make sure to take Smarty there more often now that we know he can be trusted to stay close to us.

  2. Man, I haven’t skipped a rock in ages. As much as I hated Dad’s fishing excursions, I do miss going to the lake (which of course was all we had… I’ve never seen an ocean before!)

    1. I haven’t skipped a rock in ages either. I’m not sure I could now! I seem to remember throwing rocks as being the best part of fishing excursions with my dad too, except for the time I out-fished everybody.

      I wish teleportation were possible! I think you would like the Oregon Coast. It’s beautiful, rugged, interesting and nice and chilly. Of course, central California beaches have those cute spotted squirrels, so you might prefer that! 🙂 I’ve never seen the Atlantic, so I would like to teleport there. As much as I would love to see more places, I’m always a bit relieved to not have an air travel trip ahead. Planes scare the hell out of me!

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