Going Downhill!


I heard some squeaking and scuffling and then the sound of seeds raining down on the deck. I looked out the back door and saw my swing feeder hanging crooked. The culprits were nowhere in sight. The next time I looked out, Shorty was sitting in the feeder, chowing down like everything was normal. I’ve begun to think of him as Shorty the Unflappable because he’s like a robot, just focused on what he’s doing no matter what’s going on around him. If there’s any sort of apocalyptic event, it will be Shorty who emerges from the rubble, looking for food like nothing happened!


7 thoughts on “Going Downhill!

    1. Shorty’s ability to tune everything out is annoying because he’s tuned me out! He doesn’t come when I call him anymore, even when I’m trying to bribe him with peanuts. And without his example of bravery, the rest of them are getting more skittish. 😦

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