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Sharing My World – 2016 Week 2


First, a question for cat owners – Do your cats cover their poop in the litter box? Because mine don’t and it’s really starting to make me mad. They build giant pyramids over it when they go outside. Why can’t they build litter pyramids? And HOW do they track so much litter through the house? I’ve tried those mats that are supposed to get the litter off their feet and I think they just jump over them. It’s becoming such a constant problem that I’m dreaming of the sound of litter scattering across the floor. Seriously, that’s what I dreamed about this morning. Meanwhile, The Tuna was peeing on my bathroom rug….

Okay, now that my rant about cats has concluded, I’ll get to Cee’s Share Your World questions for the week. Oh, one more thing about cats: I’m tired of dealing with their bad attitude every time it rains. It’s not my fault and it’s certainly not the dogs fault and he didn’t deserve to get smacked this morning. Shape up, kitties!

Okay, really. Questions now.

Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets? Yes, I do. And I think they’ve been here and probably continue to visit. I just can’t dismiss the experiences of very rational-sounding pilots, military personnel or anyone. Who am I to think that all these people are crazy or lying?  

How many places have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities. I’ve lived in Birdsview, Sedro Woolley, Stanwood, Burlington, Edison, La Conner and Everett, all in Washington. The only time I lived out of state was when I stayed with my boyfriend’s family in Glendale (I think), Nevada for two months. I hated it there. It was hot and sunny every day. I was so happy to get home to November rain!

If you given $22 million tax free dollars (any currency), what is the first thing you would do? Go house hunting! I’ve lived for 15 years in a house that I hate. One of my biggest fears is that we’ll have some sort of disaster or market crash that makes it so I’m stuck here forever. I would be so furious with life! I just want a cute house. Not a big one or fancy one, just cute with the living space on the ground floor. I actually want something smaller than the 1,800 square feet we’ve got here. The less to clean, the better! This is one of my favorites in Snohomish, although the yard is probably too small for dogs and it’s probably out of our approaching-retirement price range.


But I can dream, right? I really like this style of house, I just want a smaller version.

Speaking of dreaming, Don says if we, or anyone at his work (they’ve all made a deal and have been buying tickets) wins the Power Ball, we’re buying this house:


He wants it because of the garage and I’m afraid anyone who wants the apartment above the garage would just be SOL. He wants the whole building for himself!


It’s much bigger than I want but, as long as we hire a cleaning service to come in once a week, I’m not going to argue!

The Never List: What are things you’ve never done? Or things you know you never will do?

Things I’ve never done:

Had a mani-pedi (You have to say it with a tone of contempt. I despite this nickname.)

Bungee jump

Gone sky-diving

Ridden in a helicopter

Things I will never do:

Wear high heels (I have in the past but NEVER again.)

Bungee jump

Get fake nails

Public speaking (I’d rather walk on broken glass barefoot or sleep on a bed of nails. Or, shoot myself in the foot. Or, have my spleen removed with no anesthesia. It all sounds inviting compared to standing in front of a crowd!)

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Last week I was so grateful for the beautiful winter sun. I felt energized and renewed after the long, dark, dreary, wet, depressing month of December. This week, I’m looking forward to my new double-boiler coming in the mail. Kinda weird, right? The first thing I’m going to do is make heart-shaped, cane sugar-free chocolates. Then I’m going to whip up a recipe from the Balms, Butters and Salves course than I’m enrolled in.


37 thoughts on “Sharing My World – 2016 Week 2

  1. My Lucy kicks litter like a field goaler. So I got her one of those enclosed litter boxes and yes she covers her poo. However, she does track a lot of cat litter. We got one of those bath mats with the high tufts and one of those litter mats. This keeps the litter mostly contained to the utility closet where her litter box stays. She can’t just jump over the litter mat because she is required to push through the little door on her litter box, so she comes out one paw at a time. Then we have the bath mat at the door so she drops what ever litter remains on her paws before leaving the room. Like I said, it works for the most part, very seldom do find litter outside of the little room.

    When I moved to Colorado one of my biggest complaints was it was sunny ALL THE TIME. However, I grew to love it. So when I moved back to the East Coast I found I slip into a mild depression during the winter months because it is so depressingly dreary and rainy/snowy all the friggin time. Makes me long for a state that for the most part I didn’t like. But I do miss the weather, and the near constant sunlight. You sound like me, if I won that much money I’d want a house, except I’d want to build my own house. I’ve been dreaming about it for a while now. Subway tiles and black granite… white cabinetry and black iron hardware… simple yet elegant. I can see my dream house in my head. Hopefully it won’t take a windfall of 22 million for me to build it. I wish you luck getting into a house that you can love. No one should have to live somewhere that they don’t absolutely love.

    1. Hm, I wonder if Lucy covers her poop because she’s a girl? All three of my cats are boys. Well, old men, really. I miss my girl cat! She was so tidy. She wouldn’t have tolerated these three pigs not covering their poop up. They wouldn’t have dared leave a mess with her around.

      I get tired of the rain and gray skies here but I also get tired of the sun after awhile, at least in the summer when it shines for sixteen hours at a time. I don’t think I could ever get tired of the sun in the winter. It’s shining today but it looks like we’re in for at least a week of dreary weather after today. I often feel bipolar in the winter – happy and energized on the sunny days and slightly depressed on the rainy days.

      It would be nice to have a house built, to get everything just the way you want it and your plans sound lovely. I hope you can get that house someday!

      1. I don’t know, Lucy is the first cat we’ve had. Sometimes I wish she were a boy, but I heard boys spray… I ain’t got time for that lol. I’m the same way, I am energetic and upbeat on sunny days (like today) and down in the dumps on dreary rainy/cloudy days. I hope I can too, I’d almost be willing to take one in the middle of being built if it meant I could we could choose the flooring, cabinets, appliances, etc. My only hang up with that is I don’t want a two story house and here that seems to be all they build. We’ll see. Everything works out they way it is supposed to in the end, it it’s meant to be it will. I wish you luck with your boys. Hopefully you’ll find a way to reign in their bad potty behavior lol.

  2. Your remarks regarding public speaking made me laugh, probably because I have an aversion to it also. I remember actually shaking severely before I had to present something in school. I’m glad those moments will never come again.

    1. I hated speaking in front of the class too. A few years ago, there was a school I was considering and I ruled it out the minute I heard they required a lot of presentations! Three people is about the max I feel comfortable speaking in front of.

      1. As a former teacher, I was comfortable speaking in front of children, but not my peers. I read once that there was a performer who would throw-up before he went on stage, but once he was doing his act, he was fine. The mind is a sensitive thing.

  3. I liked both your house and Don’s choice. I think I’d probably want the big one and I wouldn’t rent out the apartment either. But then with the change from $22 million you would not have to and you need never clean again. Pay someone else to do it!
    Polly is an inside cat so we use an enclosed litter box. I bought her a new one last year and she freaked out at first because it was a different shape to the old one. She does bury her poops though. A small amount of litter gets spread in front of it. I should try the bathmat idea. Isn’t it funny to watch them scraping the floor outside the litter box. They seem to do it instinctively the way puppies legs start moving when you hold them over water (Have you ever done that?)
    I am with you on most of the “Nevers” except for riding in a helicopter. I did that once, a joyride over my neighbourhood and I loved it. You would not think so with my fear of falling but I was so enthralled at seeing the view that I forgot to be scared.

    1. Hm, another girl cat that does bury their poop. Interesting! Maybe my boy cats are just being pigs like their teenaged human brothers. 🙂 It is funny when they scratch on the floor outside the litter box. Years ago, I had a cat that made a long ordeal out of it scratching on the floor and the wall all around the box. He was such a funny cat. I can remember holding puppies up above the water to see their legs move. So cute! I wish I had the energy for a puppy.

      1. Yes, some cats are obsessive about it. Puppies are gorgeous but they are a lot of work. I don’t know if I’ll have another. Cindy is nearly ten but in good health. Not sure if I’d want to do that whole housetraining bit in my sixties.

  4. Our cats spread litter everywhere as well even with an enclosed litter tray, so can’t help you on that front, and they seem to vary as to whether or not they decide to bury their poop. I’m still trying to work out why that is.

    1. I have one litter box that has a hood on it and I swear they track more litter out of that one than the one that’s open. Maybe it’s because they’re in a hurry to get out from under the hood. Who know? Cats are so weird! It’s interesting that your vary as to whether they cover it or not. It does make you wonder what’s going on in their brains.

    1. I agree that downsizing is the way to go! I look at the yard of the bungalow house and I think that I could keep up with something that size. And who needs a lot of rooms that are just going to need dusting and vacuuming? 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed this post!
    My cat Lucky stopped covering poop indoors shortly after he became and “inside cat” and it really grated on me (it stunk!) I think cats know that no other animal is tracking them in the house so need to cover it up.
    I feel you on the high heels! 🙂

    1. Hm, so here’s another example of a boy cat that doesn’t cover. Interesting! 🙂 I think maybe you’re onto something about them not feeling the need to cover it inside. Mine covered until they got really comfortable using the litter boxes and started using them more than outside. I guess I should just be grateful they use the boxes at all because they grew up as indoor/outdoor cats and didn’t have litter boxes until coyotes moved into the neighborhood and I started locking them in at night.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Poor dog, bearing the brunt of “cat”itude! I like the cute little bungalow, but I’ll need the garage of the other house for all the “stuff.” LOL Glad the weather is smiling on you.

    1. My husband agrees with you about the garage! Even if the little bungalow is for sale when we start looking for a house, I’m not sure he would want it because I think the garage is pretty small. But I so love that place!

    1. It’s funny that both the houses are blue because it’s usually not a favorite of mine for the exterior. But it does look great on those houses.

      And both your cats are boys, aren’t they? I’m seeing a pattern here – girls cover, boys don’t!

  7. I’d say get rid of the cats 🙂
    But seriously, Trisha, why have animals that create so much work. I know you love animals but one has to draw a line somewhere when one has a chronic pain/fatigue condition.
    I’d keep the dogs though. I think they’re great company and are such good friends.

    I figure if we can go to other planets in spaceships, why can’t other planets have some form of life and visit us.

    I’d like to live in a house similar in size to my studio apartment in the middle of the wilderness (but within a 4WD drive to some form of supply shop or small town). I love small spaces, but not in enormous apartment buildings. We’ve had 4 fire alarms (2 in one night) and had to walk down 8 flights of fire escape stairs in the 9 months I’ve been here. This place has no soul, no character and hardly any of the 300 apartments in the 5 buildings are occupied. Sometimes it feels like the end of the world and there’s no people left.

    I like your type of ideal home.

    1. I would never get rid of any of my animals unless I absolutely had no other choice. Pet overpopulation is a huge problem here and the shelters are full of animals, many of which will end up being euthanized. It’s really sad. And we’ve had Frosty for 18 years and Trouble and Scooby for 13. For better or worse, they’re part of the family. But once they’re gone, we won’t be getting any more cats. Which will require having a dog. Having a dog is the only thing that keeps stray cats from finding me!

      I didn’t think of the hassle of frequent fire alarms in an apartment building. That would really be a pain.

      There’s no character in any of the new places here either. I drove through a neighborhood of new houses today. They’re all identical, a big box on a tiny lot. Just looking down the street made me claustrophobic. With feeling like there are no people left , we have the opposite problem here – people fill up houses as fast as they can build them and the suburbs just keep expanding out further and further. It feels like the population will soon exceed the earth’s capacity to support it and there won’t be any open space left.

      1. Oh I heartily agree with you, Trisha. Although my cats are such high-maintenance “boy divas” and create so much more work for me…. I would never dream of getting rid of them. They are part of our family.

        Hubby & I never had kids so these boys mean the world to us. As we get older and have more physical and health issues, along with my chronic pain…it definitely makes it harder. Plus one of them has diabetes so I have to give him injections AM & PM, and with severe osteoarthritis in my fingers, that’s not easy.

        Sometimes I wish there wasn’t so much extra work. But then one of them will come and lay on my lap while I’m on the couch. Or one will look up at me and meow plaintively, and bat their big beautiful eyes at me. Or I’ll be feeling terrible and one will rub against my arm and lay with me on the bed and purr while they look into my eyes.

        There’s not enough money in the world that would make me get rid of these spoiled little brats. I love them. And I receive so much enjoyment and heartwarming moments from them.

        Also, I could never live with myself. How can someone live with an animal for years and then simply throw them out like trash. Especially a senior cat that would have about zero likelihood of ever getting adopted. You might as well take them out and shoot them yourself. Don’t get me started. I guess I made my point. I better shut up now. lol

  8. I find some poop buried and some not…. assuming it even made it in the litter box in the first place. I think it’s Biskit who apparently prefers to do his business on the sides of the box (At least I cover the floor with plenty of newspaper and cardboard from work)…

    If you ever did move, don’t forget to relocate your squirrel friends as well! They would miss you if you were gone…

    1. So you’ve got a multi-surface pooper too! Frosty, back in the good old days when he actually pooped in the box, was a pro at getting it on both sides of the box. Now he pretends to use the box if I’m looking and poops on the floor behind the toilet when I’m not.

      I do worry about leaving my squirrel friends. Shorty has already dumped me again but the young squirrels hang all the time. I think they would miss me. I know I will miss them when they start families and move on!

  9. I feel for you on the cats not covering their poop, although mine are usually pretty good about it. It’s the pee that I have a fit about – my cat Sugar can’t seem to point her hind end in the right direction and regularly pees outside of the box. Grrrr!
    I bought a powerball ticket for the first time in my life on Wednesday after I discovered that my ex had failed to deposit my alimony payment into my bank account and I got stuck with a bunch of overdraft fees, I’d love to not ever have to worry about money. If I had 22 million, I’d feel too guilty to leave my family home at the moment (it’s been in my family so long), so I’d fix it, making it just the way I want it, put in an elevator, and build an apartment over the garage. Then I would get bionic knees and travel the world. 🙂
    Funny what you said about public speaking – I’m the opposite, I would love to speak (or sing or perform) in front of large groups of people. Not sure why though, weird.
    I would never bungee jump either…

  10. Cats – grrr! The pee outside the box is worse too. I do have to say that Trouble and Scooby are good about getting everything in the box.

    And a big GRRRR! about the ex not depositing your alimony money and making you get a bunch of overdraft fees. That must be so infuriating. I completely understand about you not being able to leave your family home. If I had either of my grandparent’s houses, I would have a hard time leaving them even though they are both small houses and not where I want to live. There’s something special about a family home where generations of family have lived.

    Wanting to speak or sing in front of a crowd is just unimaginable to me! All those eyes on you at once…I would probably faint!

  11. We have 2 twenty three pound tabby cats, they are brothers, and it’s sort of a hit or miss kind of thing with them and covering their poo. I’m not sure what the reasons are for whether they do it or not. Many times they do not. It’s usually the really nasty, stinky ones that they DON’T cover. (thanks, boys) I guess they think it’s funny if they can make mom gag. HA HA

    Oh, we got one of those nice cushiony mats for the floor too. Now there is not only litter scattered all over the mat, but further out, scattered all over the floor within a 5-6 foot area. So I sweep and sweep. And they laugh and laugh. Little bastards. LOL

    1. 23 lbs? Oh my goodness, you’ve got a couple of big boys! My 14 lb cat, Trouble, the one the in the photo above, hurts me when he walks over me (the sides of my body are always tender, head to toe). I can’t imagine how much it would hurt if he weighed 9 lbs more. I would probably end up bruised!

      I’ve wondered if my cats purposely leave the stinkiest poops uncovered. It’s those ones that make me want to gag that have no litter on them whatsoever. Maybe they do enjoy watching us gag. Or, maybe it smells so bad even to them that they want to get away from it as fast as they can! I’ve also wondered if they’re doing it to make it unpleasant for each other. My Trouble and Scooby are brothers too and they can’t stand one another. Do your two brothers get along? Mine haven’t since they were kittens.

      Some days they are a lot of extra work but they’re so worth it. They bring so much joy and love into my life every day.

      1. My boys have always been close but they do tussle once every great while….but they love each other very much. I laughed as you were trying to figure out why the cats leave the poop uncovered….I’ve given up trying to figure these two out…. for instance….I don’t know if this has happened with yours but, these cats of mine are so finicky with food. I give them canned and dry. Just when I think I have finally figured out what kind of canned food they really seem to be enjoying, I will then purchase a case of it and of course, then….they decide they don’t like it anymore and will not eat it. They sit there after I place a plate of it down in front of them and then they look at it like I had served them a plate of poop. LOL They may look up at me like, “really?” and then walk away, or else they just walk away as if to say, Ummm, No. The little brats! LOL So then I go through the routine all over again. I bend over backwards to please them. But they love to make me work even harder. They say Jump, I say How High. LOL I must be out of my mind but I would do anything to make them happy. They are just being cats…..and that’s why I love them. They crack me up with their sense of entitlement and their innocent little faces. (they love to melt my heart) Then sometimes they act so arrogant, it’s hilarious. Oh the joys of being owned by cats. What can I say except LOL. 😀

        1. Trouble and Scooby are so meat-crazed that they will eat any canned food. But I can completely picture the expressions you are taking about! Mine give me that with their dry food sometimes and over other things, like me being in their way or there not being a blanket where they would like there to be one. It’s funny that cats don’t really ever look happy in the way that dogs do but they’re so expressive with other emotions. The loving eyes, the you-can’t-do-anything-right eyes, the it’s-time-to-adore-me eyes. They’re such funny creatures. My husband says no more after these cats are gone (our 18-year-old cat Frosty does very bad things on a daily basis now) but it’s hard for me to imagine life without a cat. I’ve had one or more cats since I was 7-years-old!

          1. My husband sort of implies that same sentiment when we talk about the future and when these cats are no longer with us….but even though we are getting older and things are getting harder, I really can’t imagine life without a cat either. Or two. LOL I went three years after one of my cats died, she was only 8 years old (kidney disease). My heart was broken for “the last time”, I told myself. I held out for three years until a friend told me there was a woman who had three litters of kittens in her garage and she was giving them away. She told me to meet her there…so I said I would go “look” but doubted I would take any. I came home and got my cat carrier, went back and picked out these two….. and the rest is history. They are expensive and high-maintenance and boy divas but they are wonderful and sweet and funny and we love them more than we could ever say. So to think of never having another cat after we lose these boys someday……I really don’t think I could live without at least one. ❤

      2. And yes, the weight of these cats is incredible. We got them when they were 8 weeks old and they were so tiny…but….their paws were huge. That kind of gave me an idea of what to expect. Sure enough, here we are almost 13 years later and they grew into their paws. They are a bit overweight (my fault) but they really are just great big cats. Big boned. And their bodies are very long….our vet even said this as he was examining them at one of their first visits. When one of them lays across my legs while I lay on the couch…..it literally almost cuts off my circulation in my legs and feet. Imagine a 23lb bag of potatoes or a bag of Ice Melt laying on your legs. It’s insanely uncomfortable for me, but I let him lay there as long as I can stand it. LOL He just looks so content and comfy that I disregard my own comfort so he can enjoy our cuddle time. (what is wrong with this picture….it’s ME, I’m crazy! hahaha) It’s all about the CATS. 😀

        1. Big cats are so cool! (But I can imagine how heavy they must feel at times!) Our cat Frosty has giant feet but he never grew into them. I do the same thing, sitting uncomfortable with the cat on my legs. I felt some restless leg activity last night but Scooby, who rarely sits on the couch with me, was using my feet as a pillow. So, I sat there in agony so as not to disturb him. They’ve really got us trained up good! 🙂

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